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General Madonna Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Well all I meant was I'm glad it didn't pass by completely unacknowledged or with another duvet cover and nothing else, but alright then!
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  2. Sorry it annoys me too much, like why not upload the remixes to Spotify?? I’ve got an ancient bootleg DVD with that performance in better goes on.
  3. The cheapness of that video was so disappointing and her look in that shoot was so... witchy. Not a good look for a woman of a certain age, who still looked amazing. That song is so much fun, it wasn't served well with that video.
  4. That Sticky & Sweet Die Another Day interlude should’ve been the Give It 2 Me video.
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  5. I thought the “Give It 2 Me” styling was great and really fresh for her? Witchy is the last thing that comes to mind

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  6. Miles Away being given a tour video is the real crime
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  7. It is my favourite Madonna album. Does it house my absolute favourite Madonna songs? No. But it’s the body of work I find myself going back to as a whole the most. The rest I tend to listen to in chunks or skip songs but Music can always be listened to as a whole and be enjoyable.
  8. That wasn’t even finished by the time of release either. I didn’t even realise it had a video till the Celebration DVD.
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  9. ...the Mandela Effect is in full swing again because I could have sworn there was a scene in the video exactly like this but she was wearing a fur coat. It's a serve either way, but still
  10. She wore the same look when she appeared on 106 & Park. It’s one of my faves

  11. UGH yes. This appearance felt so random at the time but WHAT a look
  12. I disagree, you only have to look at Step Back in Time for Kylie Minogue in the UK. Madonna will release another one maybe when she does a stadium Greatest Hits tour.
  13. we are truly closer to the world ending than a Madonna Greatest Hits tour, let alone a stadium one
  14. I’ve probably said this before, but I wouldn’t be mad if she sealed off this Interscope era with a compilation. Not a hits one (“featuring all your favorites like Give Me All Your Luvin’ and Bitch I’m Madonna!”), but something that gathers the best of each album and sequences them in a thoughtful way, and recontextualizes the decade for the casual listener. A “here’s the cream of what you missed while Uptown was funking you up” collection.
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  15. well we are not far off
  16. I knew someone would bring that up and I'm sorry but she is the exception, not the rule. Madonna has only released 8 singles since Celebration. Only 2 of them charted on the Hot 100 and its not like they did much better elsewhere in the world. Maybe they'd do a big box set collection targeted at her super fans. But just putting out another greatest hits cd? Why? So fans can finally have Girl Gone Wild and Ghosttown on a compilation cd?
  17. Actually Kylie and Madonna are very similar in terms of hits and marketing and another GH would be a good marketing opportunity, I have no doubt it will happen sooner or later... this is a business afterall.
  18. Kylie is viewed very differently than Madonna is today and that is a key difference. People who loved Kylie in 1999 still think she's just adorable. Lots of people who loved Madonna in 1999 don't think of her the same way anymore. Madonna is polarizing in a way Kylie Minogue is not and has never been. To be a success in 2020 a greatest hits album needs the general public, not just mega fans. Madonna does not have the general public anymore.
  19. This is really the only way a greatest hits for Madonna in 2020 could even remotely work. Otherwise, I totally agree it's not necessary
  20. Also important to note that Madonna has said a few times – I think most recently in 2013 – that she does not like releasing greatest hits compilations. Her fans seem to ignore this, though.

    The only way I can see her doing any sort of compilation is if it were like her favorites from each of her Interscope albums like @NobodyKnowsMe has suggested, or even her re-recording songs with an orchestra (which M herself expressed interest in doing during her Reddit Q&A), basically something more interesting than a straight forward collection of songs the public already owns on The Immaculate Collection; we all know nobody realistically gives a damn about anything beyond that.
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