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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I think now that some of these major songs and moments in Madonna's career are beginning to reach 30 and beyond and being recognized by a new generation, I have no doubt she is polarizing but I also have no doubt she has many lives and another Greatest Hits will for sure happen and reach a new audience as well as those that are superfans and those casual listeners that want to look back especially in these times, but it's my opinion and time will tell if I am right!
  2. An album like Madame X just shows why a greatest hits isn't necessary in the near (or probably far) future. She produced more content than she has in ... 15 to maybe even 25 years? yet none of the songs were hits. Still, it was a vital work in the context of her discography that extends her legacy more than any reiterative greatest hits.
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  3. In terms of a multi-disc career retrospective, I love what Joni Mitchell did with her Love Has Many Faces box set in 2014. Four discs, each an act in a proposed ballet, and she chose songs from across her catalog and sequenced them in a way that created moods and emotional arcs and told a sort-of story. I could see Madonna doing something like that. A mix of singles and deep cuts arranged in a way that tells the story of her life and career as she sees it. It doesn't need to be chronological. The songs can be placed where the experiences or emotions they discuss are best applied to her history. A collection that's not just a rote 'here are my hits', but a new piece of art and autobiography created from what already exists.
  4. I don't think we'll ever see Blond Ambition in high quality on Blu Ray unfortunately. I think the show above was shot on video - so the resolution maxes out at 480p - and there's no sign of the full 35mm concert shot for Truth or Dare.
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  5. I think she actually posted the reel cartridges when she was going through her archives a couple years ago.
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  6. Yeah I remember seeing that on Insta too, but we have no way of knowing if it's the full thing.......there could be missing elements. I'd love to be optimistic but history teaches me otherwise.
  7. Not to toot my own horn but I had this on just now on shuffle and Little Star into Paradise (Not For Me) into Joan Of Arc into Angel into Secret Garden into X-Static Process...

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  8. Wasn’t there a rumour that a greatest hits was on the cards this year and it’d feature some new tracks recorded during the Madame X sessions?
    Not that I’d expect this to happen in 2020 anymore anyway.
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  9. Yeah, I remember reading that. Somebody also said she was planing a greatest hits collection in 2021 with a new song and that she’d later embark on a greatest hits world tour in stadiums and arenas, which is very unlikely.
    As for another compilation, it’d be great if she reworked her hits with a live band, that would be a dream, or if she got Stuart Price to revamp them like he did with Take That’s Odyssey album. I agree that a GHV3 sort album now would be totally useless, especially if there isn’t going to be some sort of tour to back it up.
  10. Yes, and the source was literally some random fellow fan another fan met at a bar. Actual reliable sources said it wasn’t true. We already knew that there was no new greatest hits in her Live Nation/Interscope contract, anyway.
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  11. The only kind of compliation I'd want given the incredible last era (and the evidence within it that she isn't resting on her laurels creatively and never will) is something of a reimagining a la orchestra (dull, though, let's be honest) or better, a really fucking COOL remix album. The Donna Summer remix album Love To Love You Donna is a fucking delight from start to finish and plays as a full album, unlike most remix albums. Comission the top dogs, some legends, some truly new talent, cover all bases of dance/ambient/whatever and get some new blood to highlight just how timeless her catalogue is.

    More important - and likely AS endlessly discussed - is getting her catalogue put onto streaming and properly collected in one place. It's tragic that it's fan YouTube accounts that do her single and remix archiving for her.
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  12. A proper remix album would be glorious. You Can Dance is crying out for a sequel. What would I even want on it? I don't know!
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  13. RJF


    The only way I would accept any kind of greatest hits would be an all killer no filler luxurious vinyl set, but otherwise nah, it's pointless. What is the obsession with compilations and greatest hits? Y'all really want to buy songs you already have but in a different order? A decade after you did the exact same thing with maybe four less songs?

    I agree that having her extensive back catalogue properly archived across digital platforms is far more of a priority. I should not have to go to YouTube for the extended mix of "Open Your Heart", but here I am.
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  14. I agree her back catalogue is in desperate need of a good sorting through and putting on digital platforms, just like Kylie did a few years ago and Goldfrapp did recently, I'd take this over a singles collection any day.
    Vogue and Erotica remixes being uploaded to Youtube but not Spotify is just... frustrating.
  15. *continues Madonnathon*

    The saxophone in Another Suitcase, Another Hall...

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  16. Just done a quick search, and I'm rather proud of the fact that I have the most viewed piano cover of any Madonna song on Youtube! I threw my version of Miles Away online when we had only heard a clip of it in the background of, I think, a Japanese TV interview?

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  17. ...with 2-3 cleaned up demos (Angels With Dirty Faces is a must) and two new songs = ideal.

    Old phags who have everything will buy, Karen who got fingered to Dress You Up will buy, little Ella who does whatever Dua tells her will buy... A success.
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  18. My hopes are already up. Release this masterpiece, queen.
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  19. Yeah, that should definitely be a top priority for her team now. I need that Jacques Lu Cont mix of “Hollywood” on streaming services.
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