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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I'm still salty we never got that video interlude for S.E.X where she was serving full-on Porny Schoolmarm.

    Also, unpopular opinion(?) but I enjoy the arrangements of Material Girl and Music on that tour a lot.
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  2. That man is trying to molest me!
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  3. Orlando Puerta (behind a lot of M's A&R since Remixed and Revisited) passed away, and I'm sad.

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  4. In the context of when it came out, it's much better than MDNA, which was so beneath her in general, but I'd rather listen to MDNA.
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  5. The section of the MDNA tour from Girl Gone Wild to I Don't Give A/Best Friend interlude is so dark.
  6. Literally no one would bat an eyelid if someone like Charli XCX released Bitch I’m Madonna, but it’s embarrassing for Madonna to release something like that? You’re just proving her whole point.
  7. The bigger issue surely is that it doesn't fit the soundscape of Rebel Heart at all? If she had kept some of the demo productions (Wash All Over Me, Rebel Heart, Addicted/One That Got Away, Illuminati) to give the album a little bit more of an electronic dancey slant the Diplo version might work a little better, but when you combine the more stripped back approach she took, and the SOPHIE production flairs it doesn't work on Rebel Heart.

    I actually quite like the song, but weirdly it would work better on MDNA.
  8. Aw, damn
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  9. I feel like including this was a no-brainer.
  10. That pre-chorus.
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  11. And that cover!
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  12. And to think it was almost the cover of "Deeper And Deeper" until Madonna dictated "NO. Bad Girl."

  13. Good call there Madonna-that feels just so more Bad Girl somehow.
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  14. "Smoke too many cigarettes today" etc.
  15. Same. I know discussing the Rebel Heart demos and unused tracks is tiresome but I really do love this version. The bridge is beautiful.
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  16. Exactly that. Goes so very well.
  17. My friend was curious about Desperately Seeking Susan so we watched it last night. He said it was “interesting”. Then I put on Madonna and Sandra Bernhard’s appearance on Letterman in 1988.

    Ten minutes later, my friend says, “that was more entertaining than the movie.”
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  18. We just rewatched "Who's That Girl?" for the first time in years. It is such an odd film - it is almost like abstract performance art. There are also about ten elaborate car chases/crashes - they take up like half the film. Madonna's character is supposedly from Philly but has a strange baby/Betty Boop/ NYC(?) accent. Having said all that, it's thoroughly enjoyable and Madonna is absolutely charming and charismatic and commits to the role.
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