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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I believe it was rehearsed for quite a long time before being cut from the Rebel Heart Tour not long before it began. She's probably quite fond of it (and I was surprised it wasn't on the set list myself).
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  2. I think she enjoys her catalogue quite a bit, but mainly for herself. She referred to the Bedtime Stories album a lot on Instagram while making Madame X.

  3. Are there any more rare/promo versions of her music videos like these ones? The Justify one I had no idea about but I find them quite fascinating.
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  4. There's an Erotica montage which was apparently airing on Vh1 Classic Europe in the 2010s

    These two are also considered official

    What's interesting is that VH1 Europe have been continuously using this Fever montage instead of the official video even during the 2000s, I've seen it a few themes during Madonna-themed programmes
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  5. Thank you! It's so funny to see how they sent off stuff to broadcasting back in the day. Also remembered this:

    Yep, seen it as well a handful of years ago myself on TV. They aired both.
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  6. I’m like that as well. I don’t know what it is but it feels odd to me when she remembers songs from her catalogue even if they’re from only a few years ago, and I love it when she does.
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  7. Last year, when she remembered I'll Remember and This Used To Be My Playground enough to say they were too dreamy and laid-back for her "rawwwr rgggghrrr rrrRRRRrrrr" shows, my heart skipped a beat. And then when she actually said she'd consider Rescue Me for the tour and told the interviewer "your love has given me hope" I was like "OH YOU REMEMBER THESE THINGS, I SEE YOU."

    When you think about your life, you've gone through thousands of days and you can't remember them all. Some of them are just lost. I wonder if she still remembers the day she put down vocals for Vogue or Frozen or Live To Tell, or if any of them have become some of those "lost days." I'm sure she can give you a to-the-minute rundown of what happened the day she recorded Candy Shop, but Easy Ride?
  8. I’d love to just hear her sit down and talk about her catalogue for hours to be honest dd. Thankfully she seems to like Easy Ride a lot. Sometimes she has taste with her catalogue but other But I suppose she has so many different memories attached to so many different songs.
  9. Speaking of lost projects a few pages back - the roles of Cristal and Nomi in Showgirls were first conceived for Madonna and Drew Barrymore. Nonetheless, an embellished top from the Steven Meisel Truth or Dare shoot was worn by Gina Gershon in the infamous dressing room scene.
  10. I yelled.
  11. I remember Paul Verhoeven saying he had one conversation with Drew about it, but she couldn't dance so her involvement was a non-starter. (She doesn't sing either - she was the only cast member in Everyone Says I Love You to have their vocals dubbed.)

    Madonna doing Showgirls would have been kind of amazing. Granted, it took a good while to grow into a beloved cult classic from the disaster it was on release,'s not as if Madonna's reputation as a movie star could be hurt much more.
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  12. I'm revisiting all the singles she brought out in the acoustic slot during Rebel Heart. We were honestly spoiled in terms of setlist that tour, especially for those wanting the older stuff. Who's That Girl, Take A Bow, Drowned World, Secret, Crazy For You and more. Mad. Plus True Blue coming out of storage!
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  13. Taking a bow from the top!

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  14. Wow amazing, I can't believe it, is it because of the Last Dance doc?
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  15. Bedtime Stories being Number 1 on US iTunes is making me want to listen to it on Spotify!
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  16. #JusticeForBedtimeStories

    A group of fans decided that we should all buy it, it’s already #1 in the US and Brazil. It’s currently #22 in the UK
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  17. I Don't Seach remixes are out today so she will have another one up the itunes charts in singles too.
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  18. Loving seeing Bedtime Stories at the top of iTunes, I hope she posts to acknowledge it like Mariah did.
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  19. There's something heartening about these #JusticeFor[album] campaigns (except #Justice4ARTPOP which can choke), particularly coming from Mariah and Madonna's fanbases. It really shows you how deeply connected so many of us feel to the music and hopefully will introduce new listeners to pop history. It'd probably make more of an impact on Spotify rather than iTunes, but I don't care. It's great to see either way.
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  20. Justice for Bedtime Stories, amazing! That album has a very understated cool & sultry vibe, I think the kids of today would fuck with it.
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