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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I swear, when Madonna comes up in the news these last few weeks it's a roller coaster ride of "Oh, that's great!" and "I - uh - oh. Uh, okay..."
  2. Same here. It's my favorite Madonna album and one of my all time favorites. A real masterpiece.
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  3. It's amusing that poor journalists are sifting through her instagram videos for stories when we, the fans, know better than to sit through those.
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  4. I couldn't resist this little celebration!

  5. Bedtime Stories has consistently been in my Top 5 Madonna albums since the first time I listened to it. I'd place it 3rd now after Ray Of Light and Erotica.
    I love the lush vibe of the album and the mood it creates and sustains from start to finish. Definitely one of those albums that I listen to from start to finish and it has some of Madonnas warmest and best vocals. The lyrics are great too, especially Secret and Love Tried To Welcome Me.
    Inside Of Me would be my pick for a single that never was, especially if released after Take A Bow.
  6. My favourites from Bedtime Stories are Survival and Secret. What a way to open the album. I keep coming back to Secret particularly because of the funky wah-wah guitar solo in the middle section.

    And Take A Bow may feel a bit basic compared to many other moments on the record, but the melodies are so pretty and her voice is just stunning on it.
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  7. Survival / Bedtime Story / Inside Of Me
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  8. Italy iTunes Albums:
    1. I Don't Search I Find
    3. Madonna
    5. Ray of Light
    6. The Immaculate Collection
    7. Bedtime Stories
  9. The only issue with Survival is that it has the content of an interlude, stretched out to a full song. If they’d added a couple more lines rather than just repeating the first verse, I’d love it more. It still sounds great, though.
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  10. This was my favorite Madonna single when it was first released. Six-year-old shrimpy was a dramatic child.
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  11. Italians Do It Better
  12. Why hasn’t she ever opened a tour using Survival? It boggles the mind.
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  13. Bedtime Stories is also the album with the best and most diverse music videos. Not a dud in the bunch.
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  14. Finally fans can get to experience the aerosol can whooshing in Love Tried to Welcome Me
  15. Sanctuary is still that epic track and the buildup to Bedtime Story....."Uh!"
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  16. And the transition is sublime.
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  17. I just get the impression she prefers other albums of hers. I don't think she hates it, but she does pay it dust.

    I'll never forget when I found a HUGE Bedtime Stories album cover poster in a thrift store for like $7. I bought it SO quick.
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  18. I always got the impression she was cool with the album, but that not a lot of the songs would fit the vibe of whatever show she was putting on from late 90s on. She did Secret on DWT and acoustically here and there since, Human Nature is obviously a fave, I reckon she’s iffy about Take A Bow for whatever reason and I’m not sure she feels confident performing Bedtime Story. Its deluxe outing in Reinvention as an interlude felt like her acknowledging how good it is though.

    It not getting a tour harmed it’s chances of ever seeing the light of day as part of an era, and you know how fast she moves on.
  19. On topic of songs Madonna dislikes from her discography, I remember hearing from an interview that she kind of gets sick of hearing Like A Virgin because it’s the song she hears around the most.
  20. Well she only has herself to blame for that! And Nile Rogers I guess.

    Random but, I’m really obsessed with her Bedtime Stories look right now.
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