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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Take A Bow is honestly one of my all time favourite songs.
  2. Same. 1992-2001 specifically represents my favorite epoch in her career. The first decade made her a star but the second decade made her. After that extraordinary initial run when the road gets rockier, every choice counts. And she made LEGEND choices.
  3. I love Take a Bow. I am surprised to read some people think of it as not very Madonna. Those lyrics are so Madonna.

    It's like the flip side of True Blue. A melancholy True Blue if you will.

    "All the world loves a clown" evokes Girlie Show for me.
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  4. I love this. So true.
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  5. The video made the song for me. I remember being home sick from school one day and watching the MTV making of the video all day and it cemented my love for the song. I haven’t watched it in ages, but I remember her being fairly relaxed and funny behind the scenes with Kurt Loder and it made me like it all even more
  6. I remember Take A Bow being on UK radio a lot. But I actually never saw it for sale in Woolworths.
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  7. Take a Bow is in my top ten favourite Madonna songs. It’s very indicative of its time but I love 90s R&B anyway and it’s a gorgeous song.
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  8. "It's nice... and that's about it." is where I am with Take A Bow. I have to give it credit for being the song that was the first big step in repairing her image post-Erotica, but for this to be her biggest hit in the US... why? I guess it was really good timing and a beautifully shot and aesthetically pleasing video.
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  9. It screams US HIT to me, I dunno.
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  10. The Babyface sound was HUGE at the time and all over radio.
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  11. Two albums top ten in the U.S and WW. Queen of Quarantine.
    Worldwide iTunes Album Chart - 2020/05/01 |
    3 NEW Madonna - I Don’t Search I Find 1 3 (x1)
    8 = Madonna - Bedtime Stories 2
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  12. I just got chills watching this. WHAT AN ICON.
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  13. Take a Bow is glorious and when the next tour comes around, I can expect the usual "She should perform it" posts.
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  14. I just re-listened to the Luke Slater remixes of The Power Of Good-Bye for the first time in years to see if I was too hard on them and they weren't as bad as I remembered.

    They were worse.
  15. That special with Kurt Loder was glorious.

    "I've never met the woman... Rather transparent, wouldn't you say?"
    "Is that damn Bodyguard soundtrack still number one?"
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  16. I love throwing on the Super Luper mix on to troll people and see how quickly they react.
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  17. It's like a symphony condensed into 5 minutes. I know people say it's very of its time but I'd be hard pressed to find something else Babyface worked on that matches its scale and romantic sweep.

  18. Also, it's not like other forum favorites aren't very "of their time." Such a silly criticism.
  19. I was just coming in to mention that song. What a mood! I can't believe Dallas Austin produced that song.

    I wonder what a Nellee Hooper Madonna album would sound like.
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  20. The slightly haunting imagery of Sanctuary combined with that vocal and Watermelon-Man-sampling beat always stunned me. I tend to think of the song as a precursor to Mer Girl. Kinda sends shivers down my spine. It feels dark.

    “Who needs the sun, when the rain's so full of life
    Who needs the sky, when the ground's open wide
    It's here in your arms I want to be buried
    You are my sanctuary...
    Who needs a smile, when a tear's so full of love...
    Who needs a home, with the stars up above
    Who needs the light, with the darkness in your eyes”
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