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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Izzy G is Young Madonna, when a director teaches her acting ≠ shouting.


    (But, actually, just... keep it.)
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  2. I have no idea who that is, but woah I definitely see the resemblance. The EYES!!!
  3. I really appreciate your terrific post, RJF, thanks for the kind perspective. (I hope Gags will somehow deliver, so the Universe can be in balance again) I feel like this is just a random phase I'm going through where I crave more, I guess. Maybe I'll do the rate after all, see if it sparks that good, good dopamine. I could probably rate it all in 10 minutes.
  4. Double post, but...
    Sis, the brain worms...
  5. While I loved Hard Candy, for me it was MDNA where I just stopped paying attention... and then came Rebel Heart where she dragged me back on board.

    Considering that even with my all time favourite (Prince) I checked out way before the end, M has only lost me for one solitary album campaign.

    No one compares...
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  6. Prince is so prolific, it's like, why even bother with 80% of his post-millennium output? Life is too short to listen to mediocre Prince when genuine earth-shattering Prince is right there.
  7. The chances of liking every single thing someone does is slim...and probably unhealthy. It's ok to have preferences. It's how those opinions are articulated that can be a bit messy.
  8. Listening to Madame X now makes me feel so melancholic. The excitement of looking forward to the album last year, hyping it so much and it still managing to be as good as we hoped it would be was such a moment in pop history. The whole campaign was so perfectly executed in every little aspect and I really wish we could get more of the Madame X world. I want an in depth book documenting the process, unreleased bonus tracks and 4K-versions of the music videos.
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  9. I can’t believe it’s only a year old. It feels like so much has happened since then.
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  10. Was the Apple Music interview with Julie Adenuga ever released in full?
  11. Unfortunately, no. There was also the featurette where she’s remixing “Crave” with Mike Dean that we never got to see

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  12. This needs to be posted again.

    It really never fails to make me laugh.
  13. This and Mel C's "Gimme More" are the YouTube gifts that keep on giving.
  14. I love the album too but no the campaign was pretty terrible. Great visuals, remixes for fans though.
  15. I know, it really is annoying.
  16. I wonder if she was unhappy with it or if Apple didn't bother?
  17. I ask myself this literally on a daily basis but after reading over the last few pages it does make sense she was wanting too much money for the reissues, remasters etc. I’m not asking her to just become a legacy act but...her legacy is like no other so it really does deserve all the reissue treatment. When it comes to stuff like this I admit she and the labels can be frustrating but hopefully one day they’ll start to roll out the reissues. 2023 starting with the debut could be good or perhaps in 2022 to celebrate her 40th anniversary.
  18. I think maybe they just forgot about it. There’s a bunch more clips from the interview (well, like 3 more) on the Apple Music app. It’s a shame because she seems so calm and lively compared to her seemingly being a little nervous and tired in the press junket interviews we saw.
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  19. Yeah the press interviews for this era weren’t as good. Either the questions were just awful or she just didn’t really seem herself. The Apple Music preview I saw was more reminiscent of her usual intelligent and more relaxed interviews.
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