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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Ugh it used to be available for purchase on iTunes too and now it's gone.
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  2. Thankfully the non-stop mix is in my iCloud music library, I always forget I have it so I’ve been using the non-mixed version for ages.
  3. Gutted, they’ve taken the released live tracks from I’m Going To Tell You a Secret off UK Spotify. I love that version of Vogue.
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  4. I loved the arrangements for “Nobody Knows Me” and “Holiday” as well. So annoying.
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  5. How did I forget Nobody Knows Me?!
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  6. I might prefer that one to the album version. Stuart Price was phenomenal at tour arrangements.
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  7. Oh dear God, she just did another Instagram post and included the hashtag All Lives Matter in addition to Black Lives Matter. Ugh, she really needs someone in between her and her account.
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  8. I just saw this, and I think the fact that #blacklivesmatter comes first in her post, in addition to its content (and that she's been posting about George Floyd pretty much all week long) is context enough for what she's trying to say with it.

    There's no way for me to word this that doesn't sound like making excuses for her, but given her pretty insular and privileged world it wouldn't surprise me if she wasn't aware of what the #alllivesmatter hashtag actually means/is used for, and if that's true, I hope that someone lets her know, quickly. She's absolutely prone to saying and posting tone-deaf shit on social media - and recently - but this post, and posts like this one from a day ago, feels different, and for the most part in a good way (except that hashtag, obviously).
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  9. I hope so. But context rarely seems to matter when people are looking for an excuse to drag her. I just hope this post doesn't get posted to Twitter too. Some do, some don't.
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  10. I imagine it was a misunderstanding of what it means/is weaponized for, since she’s never used it before. Reminds me of when Janet used it. Either way it should be removed. I contacted a few people around her, so hopefully it can be taken care of.
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  11. She took it out, whew!
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  12. I'm glad it's gone. I feel so protective of her. I know her heart is in the right place and I hate when there's a social media pile on against her.
  13. Same, it’s really sad when it happens. I’m sure she misunderstood the term and thankfully someone’s told her. I love her on social media but she definitely needs those people around her at times like this to make sure she knows what she’s posting.
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  14. AllLivesMatter on its own is a lovely sentiment, so I’m sure some celebs are unaware of how it’s been co-opted to minimise and ridicule and oppress the meaning of BlackLivesMatter.

    Doesn’t make it right but I can see how easy it would be to fuck up with it.
  15. She's 61 and has been one of the most famous people in the world since her mid-20s, so I can sort of understand why she's as far out of touch as she is. Normal life must be a distant memory. Plenty of others do and say worse and don't have the same excuse.
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  16. She might've taken that hashtag out but she liked that Lana's post. NEVER FORGET.
  17. Her liking Lana’s first dumbass screed was stupid, but Madonna has explicitly spoken out against police brutality and supported the protests multiple times in the last week. Her first post about it alone (it’s the video of George Floyd getting murdered, which is why I’m linking to it and not embedding it) takes more of a stance than Lana’s done during her entire career.

    She’s tone deaf a lot, but has at least shown herself to be teachable, willing to grow, and seems to actually learn from her mistakes, which is more than I can say for Lana right now. They are not the same.
  18. RJF


    I'm... not gonna let decades of activism be negated by a single (let's be honest, most likely done with 10% attention) Instagram like.
  19. Been going through Madonna interviews. The most well spoken pop star ever and an inspiration to me, as for as public speaking is concerned. My favorite era for interviews would probably be Ray of Light. She's always been well spoken, but there's a certain grace and aura she exuded during this era that stands out.

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  20. The fact that Like A Prayer exists.

    We are watching her videography.

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