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General Madonna Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Me explaining that Madonna is an artist here to disturb the peace for 20 minutes when my boyfriend asked me why David was trending on Twitter.

  2. The 55 minute B-roll for the Take a Bow video leaked.
  4. Wow, talk about a visual feast.

    God bless the fans who leaked this stuff and lets hope it inspires Madonna to put together some genuinely great content for anniversary editions or future video compilations (if such a thing can exist in the world of streaming).

    The material exists, the cost of production is cheap (fans would willingly assist),
    make it happen !

    Shame this is capped at 480p.

    I think the close ups from 41.45 onwards are my favourite shots. Could look at that face all day.
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  5. Just so beautiful.
  6. I love this. Editorial wizards can make 10 different Take a Bow videos and switch them out every week.
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  7. WOW. Stunning.
  8. And now the B-Roll for “Secret”...

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  9. So they’ve just had 80s week on Great British Sewing Bee and not once did I hear Dress You Up in the rather good 80s soundtrack. The fucking nerve.
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  10. I need B-roll of the rest of the Hollywood video to leak please. The one setup is NOT ENOUGH!
  11. I’m hoping for “Bedtime Story” B-Roll next
  12. Oh my god this is heaven.
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  13. Does anyone know if it’s a man or woman’s lap she has her head in? Anyone know who the person is?
  14. They need to do the 90s.
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  15. Actually, as horrible as her social media is it probably gives her a better sense of what’s going on in the world thanks to the reaction she gets. She does read and respond to negative comments from time to time. It showed all those years she said she didn’t watch television or read newspapers. She needs to step outside of her bubble. It’s very easy to start living in a fantasy land where the only people you interact with are the ones on your payroll.
  16. I'd say Re-Invention is the Madonna tour I wish I had gone to, above all others. (Probably Blonde Ambition as well, but I was only 10 so that doesn't really count.)
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  17. I just love that she really embraced older songs on that tour and it felt like she was loving fans more on that tour ddd
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  18. We need a download link for this !!
  19. To Have and not to Hold just came on shuffle. I’ve never paid attention to it before. What a bloody song!!
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  20. I think it got overshadowed by the Power of Goodbye being a single and all. For me, I prefer To Have and Not to Hold. So atmospheric!
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