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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. 100% me. I'm in complete denial.
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  2. I'm genuinely about to DM Guy Oseary fjldsafj. Like...I still fully believe she thinks she's doing the right thing here (she isn't) but this is just not it, to say the least
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  3. Yikes.
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  4. I DM’d Ricardo and Aaron last time and they both at the very least read my message, and the thing I asked them to have her remove was magically gone about an hour later
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  5. Oy not again. M needs an Instagram intervention.
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  6. Please do it again fjldksafkjd. The comments are at least trying to get through to her
  7. I don't want to censor people or block them from expressing themselves, but she honestly could use a long break from instagram in general.
  8. Instances like this are very clear examples of when people need to be checked. Spreading misinformation—intentionally or not—is just not something to tolerate, especially someone with such a large platform.
  9. Like, Madonna of all fucking people is very clearly not a Trumpette nor is she stupid, but sis this is not the time to be stubborn. She fucked up and I'm really hoping that someone gets the message to her, she takes it down and doesn't repost it a third time.
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  10. I wonder why she deleted it and then reposted. Like many of guys already pointed, this surely stems from misinformation but she's Madonna and these contents being spread in such a large platform is dangerous.
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  11. The only thing she altered was the caption, presumably because she assumed that's what people were upset about, wasn't!!!
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  13. Oh wow...
  14. Eh, I don’t agree with her needing a break “in general” when she’s been sharing stories and posts surrounding BLM around the clock for nearly 2 months straight now. There’s barely any content of herself that she’s posted in that time, so I can’t imagine why anyone would think she should stop signal boosting.
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  15. The way that Instagram has put up a warning on her upload saying it's false information and even citing reasons why...
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  16. Yikes. Not Breitbart propaganda!! But yeah overall, I've appreciated her commitment to sustain the messaging. Just wish she was a little more thorough about fact checking. I did also cringe when she misgendered Mykki in her post(s) about the Dark Ballet video and that was surprisingly never corrected.
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  17. Yikes Matthew Rettenmund, who literally wrote a Madonna encyclopedia, wrote a scathing post on his Encyclopedia Madonnica Instagram page. She's pissed people off with her social media posts this year and not in her legendary thought provoking way. Lets just say it hasn't added to her legacy. As a huge fan my first instinct is always to defend her but stuff like today's post are simply indefensible.
  18. People are wondering if she’s been hacked, but I really don’t think she has.

    Here’s to hoping?
  19. I seriously doubt she was hacked. This reeks of a rather egregious lapse in judgment.

    I love her dearly, but all she had to do was ONE Google search! She should know better, especially as someone who's raised a significant amount of money for a vaccine to this virus and knows people like Debi Mazar who've literally had it. It's tremendously disappointing, and I'm really hoping she continues to listen and takes the criticism she's getting for this to heart.
  20. Yeah, I don’t think she was hacked. Her boyfriend posted the same video on his instagram stories 6 hours ago.
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