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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I just...I need Lola to bitch slap her some sense.

    Why does mum have to be so...mumsy like this.
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  2. It isn't.
  3. This thread today has made me happy to be a Madonna fan after a strange morning. We're the best stanbase, rotten apples aside. x

  4. I need this updated with her Madame X unibrow and short black wig.
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  5. We're missing Rebel Heart, too. I nominate the Stevie Nicks/"Ghosttown" look.
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  6. I've just caught up nn. Mess. She needs to stop hanging around stupid 22 year olds.
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  7. This is what happens when you're surrounded by Yes Men.
  8. Most 22 years olds I know don’t think Covid is a conspiracy and understand the importance of wearing masks. Unfortunately people of any age can fall prey to misinformation and conspiracy theories.
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  9. That’s the thing with social media though. Celebrities can post with just a click without consulting with anyone or their management knowing what they are posting. So there’s no time for anyone to say no. The unfiltered nature of it can be good or bad. A lot of managers are horrified what their clients post and would have told them no if they knew or even later make them delete stuff.
    Does anyone know if she does it all herself or is there someone managing or overseeing it?
  10. For better or worse, the posts all seem to be directly from her for the most part, but I've wondered if she queues her stories. It's just as likely she's manually sharing posts in bursts like that, though, knowing how much of an IG addict she is dd
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  11. I miss her bathroom selfies.
  12. Someone I know suggested she get a wooden leg to go with the eyepatch after the hip/knee injury and I truly hate that I screamed.
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  13. The halcyon days of her sitting in a bathtub with a fucking vacuum in her whole-ass MET Gala outfit
  14. Sticky & Sweet 2009 <3
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  15. Speaking of vacuums, this was always a kii.
  16. I feel that we as a fandom don’t talk about that outfit enough.
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  17. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Remember when THAT would send the bad fans into a tizzy?
  18. I miss The Angle most.


    Name a more iconic first Instagram post. I'll wait!
  19. Madge and Henry - name a more iconic couple
  20. I still think about #unapologetichorse regularly.
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