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General Madonna Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Getting married again would no be a problem. But getting married with That boy? Yes. And no, this has nothing to di with his age.
  2. I hope she does it, even if it's just for the meltdowns.
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  3. I...really don't read that post as being about marriage. Part of me wonders if it has anything to do with an imminent tour release; it wouldn't be the first time she's been cryptic in a weird way about something.
  4. LTG


    Could she be recording a bit for Dua’s video?
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  5. She's referring to today being the day MDNA finally dropped out of the Madonna rate.
  6. She's stanning The Look of Love yeah my 11 in Madge Rate
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  7. Yeah, I was wondering if maybe she turned it in.

    I saw him posting more of that nonsense on his stories. I know M’s fingers were twitching resisting reposting it.
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  8. Not excusing that fucking Madonna of all people should have a mind of her own, but that boy clearly has an influence on her so I’m a bit concerned. I know we look at her as our icon, but the truth is (without speculating too much and seeing it surface level) we’ve seen her take a lot of L’s both professionally and personally in the last few years. It seems like the perfect recipe for her to be surrounded by... not the best people at a time she probably just wants a friend.
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  9. I’m praying it’s about the tour and not about getting married again.

    Or she’s just being cryptic and random, which would be nothing new for her.
  10. Yeah, the whole Bill Gates is a liar story he posted was very weird since she donated for the vaccine.
  11. Mdolla got Gate's bill and wants her money back.
  12. Why would people think she’s getting married? She doesn’t have a wedding gown on. She’s not going to wear the black outfit with fishnet stockings to get married is she?
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  13. Would we be surprised if she did? Absolutely not.
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  14. Madonna:
    *posts a selfie*

    She's getting hitched!!!!!1
  15. Well, good d*** can make the best of us go a bit crazy right ?
  16. What a stupid thing to say. She got screwed over by Guy and he got so much money from her, why should she go through it again?
  17. I'd have loved her to get married dressed like that, but how we got marriage out of that post and reacted like it was an inherently terrible/dangerous thing? A ride!
  18. The video is from the the Eurovision backstage. This post has nothing to do with the Madame X Tour or Dua Lipa either. But "Today is the day" with The Look of Love is open for more intepretations than just "she's filming a video".
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  19. Also I remember her posting something on her Instagram stories a few weeks ago. It was some throwback to a show she was on in the ‘80’s and she was holding some sign that said “Madonna’s wedding today” or something like that.
  20. Saturday Night Live’s reconstruction of Madonna’s wedding to Sean Penn was genius! I’ve just looked on YouTube but can’t find it.
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