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General Madonna Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

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  2. It’s really quite cringey reading some of those comments.
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  3. The worst fanbase. Yesterday I saw two people I know making fun of younger fans calling M’s appropriation of geishas and cringed.
  4. How I wish she'd performed Bitch I'm Madonna just like that at the Brits.
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  5. Her fans always needing validation from people is so weird and cringe. Britney’s stans are the same too.
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  6. Is this not an issue with fans in general? People that have a lot of emotional investment in something are always going to be upset when it’s (in their eyes) unjustly insulted or snubbed.

    This isn’t something exclusive to Madonna and/or Britney fans
  7. Srsly, sometimes I don't know what's worse: if her management of social media or some of the fanbase
  8. I love to imagine this and cackle at the thought of the likes of Amanda Holden sat in the audience stunned.
  9. I absolutely understand wanting Madonna to be respected for her music and talent, but so many of her fans take it way too far. Mark shouldn’t have needed to even make that statement.
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  10. At least Madonna actively disdains her own fans so no one can say she’s giving them encouragement to act messy.
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  11. One of my favourite Madonna performances! I was getting sick of sourcing it out on Dailymotion in 360p every other month so I'm glad it was finally uploaded in 1080p on YT.

    The demanding presence and adrenaline she has in this is so admirable.
  12. A bunch of Madonna fans are theorising that she's returned to Warner.

    Considering the state of the industry, I can't tell if it'd be good or not.
  13. This would be an interesting move. What’s the basis for that theory?
  14. Their only evidence is that she shows up on Google as a Warner artist and that they follow her on Instagram when Interscope don't. It's a reach.
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  15. She's also out of the Interscope main page, and her Artist page has been locked.

    Not sure if it means "Warner", but it seems like her contract with Interscope (and LiveNation?) is really done.
  16. Is she still under Maverick?
  17. 3 albums, 3 tours, sounds about right.
  18. Maybe the Dua duet was also part of the deal.
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  19. If she is back at Warners, that opens up some interesting possibilities for the treatment of her back catalogue.
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  20. I do hope she's back at Warner. Maybe we'll finally get remixes/single edits uploaded to streaming sites.
    Plus the re-releases she was going to give us in 2003(?), thank you very much.
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