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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I wouldn't be surprised if they get one for each decade in the first place. Not only because she's going to age 20 years even if they don't go into the 2000s, but because she's gotten more athletic as time has gone on and her body reflected that. The Madonna of 1979 is not the Madonna of 1984, etc

  2. I forgot how much I loved her auburn hair during the Confessions era. Also the phrase "weenie rolls" is forever associated with it for me because of her VH1 interview that I watched on a loop before the album came out

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  3. I'm very interested in how they're going to cast any celebrity extras without it looking like a costume party. I mean, sis was surrounded by Michael, Prince, Andy, Keith... and that's just the 80s
  4. A thread for the film's narrative might be motherhood - how the loss of her own mother fuelled her need for love and attention - which ended when her own daughter was born in 1996. Whether this is true or not, it would be a nice, audience-friendly, full-circle story, which could then end with her own personal rebirth - and also the record of her career, Ray of Light. Who knows, but what fun guessing!
  5. I love that channel! They’ve uploaded some great interviews that I hadn’t seen before. I keep going back to the Evita promotion interviews lately.

  6. I'm exceptionally curious about this now too, because I can't imagine how difficult it would be. I'd like to think it won't be too obvious - the thought of, like, Timothee Chalamet playing Keith Haring just gave me full-body convulsions.
  7. She basically confirmed in the live streaming there will be more actresses in her part.
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  8. They could do a flashback, starting with her currently with all her kids and then have her looking back at her career. Madonna could make a cameo as her present self.
  9. Lola for 70's/early 80's. Sky from the first album until Like a Prayer. But I honestly don't know who could take over and embody the next chapter.
  10. If we’re going to continue stunt casting, then

  11. Obviously I can’t judge her acting talents on this, but I really enjoyed Paris in the opening for Scream.
  12. Cherish is Madonna's best song and if you give me a hard time about it generations of your family will suffer
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  13. I'm not a fan of the biopic genre, so my expectations are sadly on the floor for this. But I actually think it could be a bit iconic if she got someone like Paul Thomas Anderson (a la Boogie Nights) to direct and she wrote her own...end, for lack of a better word. I think it'd solve the narrative issue we're discussing here (i.e. how do you even begin to decide how to earmark her career), and it'd be such a punk and "Madonna" move. She's like the only person I'd trust to pull it off.
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  14. There are a lot of interesting narratives in Madonna’s life and I just hope the writer edits it well enough to focus on just one or two if it’s for a movie. Otherwise, there’s a potential for it to be a mishmash of ideas. The way they’re going about it from what we’ve seen honestly looks like it’d suit a mini-series more though.

    As for the marketability of it, I hope they also realize there’s a bit of image cleaning to be done? Her most recent headlines haven’t been very flattering. I think it could coincide with a Mariah-like “rarities” release a few months prior of old interviews, behind the scenes and songs a few months prior to really capitalize on the nostalgia.
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  15. Perhaps they’ll end the narrative with Ray of Light, but could easily have brief flashforwards to her 2000s career to show she continued to be successful.
  16. She's too much of a control freak to ever allow someone like Paul Thomas Anderson direct - this is the real issue and why you won't get a real auteurist attached to this project - it was kind of inevitable that she'd end up directing considering she co-directed most of her music videos and she would clash with a very accomplished director, who might not always portray her in the most flattering light.

    Judging by her previous work I'm expecting something very glossy and aesthetically pleasing (providing she gets a good cinematographer), with some snappy dialogue but nothing really beyond that.
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  17. If Beyonce can direct her own documetaries/films I don' get why Madonna can't. This is Iconic, not letting sone great names direct it. She knows critics wll eat her alive, she just doen't care. Have some faith in the woman.
  18. Not sure anyone said she couldn’t. I believe we all feel she has it in her to make this a truly defining project. I think the concern - mine, at least -has more to do with her willingness to exercise restraint and retain a sense of objectivity, which would be difficult for a project of this nature. This isn’t about critics. Or Beyoncé. I’d even say that expectations are higher because of how important her story is.
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  19. I’m good with her directing if she gets some good people to work with and guide her (which Beyoncé does very well since she was mentioned here). More than people bringing in the technical aspects she may not be able to, I hope those people can expand her worldview a bit and let that translate on screen.
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