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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I wonder how much will focus on her music and art, and how much on her personal romantic relationships.
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    At this point, I don't think I'm very interested in what anyone else has to say about Madonna. I remain interested in what Madonna has to say about Madonna. I think it's a valid point that this film might be better (whatever that means) with someone else directing. But personally I'd much rather she give us as close to her own vision of what it should be as she can. I don't really mind what the eventual product looks like, as long as it's what she wants it to look like? I certainly don't want objectivity! But I am aware I may be in a minority of one on this.
  3. I agree. It’s not as though other people haven’t had their say about her repeatedly in the media. I feel so much has been written and said about her, but we don’t get to hear her view as much. I think objectivity is more important in biopics of artists who haven’t been discussed as much. A biopic is just one version of the truth. It’s a problem if the biopic is the only version available and people don’t have the chance to hear the other side. But with Madonna the other side gets a lot of exposure, endlessly commentating on her. Why can’t she tell her version of events? People are okay with artists writing their own biographies. Those aren’t objective either. To me directing a movie about yourself is just an autobiography through visual means. No more self indulgent or narcissistic.
    You don’t have to believe everything in the movie. Other sources of information on her will still be out there for you to listen to and see as well.
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  4. I need her to go live again in London time right about now.
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  5. Sorry to digress from the movie discussion, but is everyone listening to the Inside the Groove podcast? The musical breakdown of the songs is absolutely fascinating and breathes new life into them for me.
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  6. I say this as a huge fan, but Madonna’s already talked about herself enough in interviews (all of which I love and watched 16273838x) that you can kind of guess what she wants to say about herself.

    What I’m interested in is hopefully not just another rags to riches story, but also a socio-cultural exploration of the factors that made Madonna a huge star or what deeply affected her. Much of it was her own iron-clad will power, but she was also as very much a product of a time she heavily influenced. It doesn’t have to get too documentary-like, but I am interested in knowing more about the different people she met along the way, from New York to Hollywood to even London. What I appreciated about In Bed with Madonna was it also put a spotlight on her dancers, who came from different walks of life and that lens spoke a lot about the time period it was in.
  7. She's always been very charitable in that respect and given dancers in particular their 'shine'. It'll be interesting to see what narrative she comes up with for her success but I can just see the interviews/features now, exposing the 'lies' the movie tells about her rise to the stardom.

    I mean we got all of that after Truth or Dare, so it's to be expected.
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  8. I dunno how many people sat down to watch the livestream but it was more interesting than I thought. She says that included (in the completely unfinished and subject to change screenplay) so far is:

    - Her meeting/hanging out with Keith Haring, Warhol and Basquiat
    - Debi features
    - Several scenes with her sister Paula, who is placed in contrast to her. She said she always knew Paula was more talented than her but less ambitious.
    - Scene of her and Pat writing Like A Prayer + the Pepsi debacle
    - Scene/s of her meeting Jose and Luis and auditioning dancers for Blonde Ambition
    - And as mentioned a lot they were writing Evita portions whilst live.

    The possibility of them exploring her relationship to her siblings more fascinated me.
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  9. Oh, this sounds very promising so far. She mentions she’s very close and fond of Paula every now and then in interviews.
  10. If she does go down the road of having different actresses play her at different times in her career, I hope it’s done in a sililar vein to I’m Not There, where each actor represents a completely different aspect of the persona, the scenes have a different vibe to one another (without it being an incoherent mess), etc. Given that she’s the Queen if reinvention and each era is different from the ones before and after, it could work. Also, the actresses wouldn’t have to look exactly like her as it would be more about capturing a ‘vibe’.
  11. I'm more interested in finding out what drives her and what she feels she has accomplished after all this work. Has she made the world a better place? Has she created more understanding? Beyond the wealth and the fame, was it worth it?
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  12. LTG


    Do we know when the Hanky Panky single is being put on streaming? And do we know what's coming after?
  13. Do we have the same mind or what?
    This is exactly what I think that they should do! It's probably the only way that this can really work.
  14. Just saw this clip and she is a little reminiscent of early Madonna.

  15. It's here!

    As for what comes after, I think it's safe to say they will be following the "anniversary" vibe, so anything from 1990, 1995, 2000 is a safe bet. "Justify My Love", "You'll See" and "Don't Tell Me" until the end of the year?
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  16. They could just upload things every Friday in order from now on. Hanky Panky wasn’t exactly one people were craving.
  17. I really wish they’d do that. Just start with Everybody and work your way forward.
  18. That is a lot of ground to cover. Sounds like it should be a TV series and not something that should be forced into a film narrative.
  19. Ckdndb she’s such a dork

  20. Shsbsnsns I screamed at the botox comment.
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