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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I I I wouldn't change a thing about the confessions tour.
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  2. Only thing I’d change is add another $800 million to the box office so it’s the highest grossing tour of all time because it deserves.
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  3. I mean Confessions tour led to tours grossing millions, before that bands did 3 shows in London and NY and that was it.
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  4. Now we're getting a Madame X fragrance?

  5. Madame X is pungent
  6. Hopefully it comes with the Madame X tour DVD.
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  7. That was incredibly cringe and horrifying. Was she even open about this topic before that the interviewer felt it was okay to ask her about it on a television interview?
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  8. Wow, that abortion interview... Good thing she seemed to have been in a lenient mood or that interviewer would have been shut down and dismissed in Evita's Hello and Goodbye style.
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  9. Ready to smell like a teacher a nun a saint (a whore) a whore!
  10. Madonna leaking/underselling her own products before they're announced. On brand!
  11. Pepper spray in the disguise of a perfume bottle. Iconic.
  12. I did like the Naked variation of Truth or Dare. The original one always gave me a migraine. Though wish it had better packaging and visuals. The campaign for Truth or Dare was beautiful and I remember Macy's having a mirror with the dual images on both sides.
  13. I just watched her video on Instagram and her spraying her own perfume on herself, taking a wiff of her wrist and saying "it's a...a bit strong at first but after 30 minutes or so it evaporates".

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  14. Is this her first fragrance? Celebrity perfumes seems to be everywhere about 10 years ago, not so much now.
  15. Truth or Dare was her first fragrance.
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  16. It’s about time she got some of her live concerts on streaming, like Netflix or Prime, and started letting the average joe stumble across them and witness them.
    I’d say start with Confessions and Truth or Dare and go from there.
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  17. [​IMG]

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  18. Sticky and Sweet is on Prime and Confessions is available on Prime with a Qello subscription (which is an additional tenner a month)
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