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General Michael Jackson Discussion.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 777jonny777, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. I'm so dead inside haha.
  2. There were busses in London with adverts for the MJ Innocence website.

    TFL have removed them all now, apparently.

    I just don't get the logic. Why are people so concerned with defending someone who was probably a pedophile? Raising money to try and spread mis-information about victims of abuse.
    No one is stopping them from listening to his deep cuts on repeat in your bedroom like you were doing before.
  3. Like I said once, I get it is hard to accept your idol did such horrendous things. And fine, you don't want to watch the documentary. BUT you simply cannot be 100% sure he actually didn't t do it either. You didn't really know him, no one knows any celebrity actually, you see what they let you to see. Some are even altering real documents in MJ's favor. I mean, how obsessed can you be as a fan? Its all very disturbing.
  4. It's weird to me those posters were approved in the first place. Like either way, I'm not sure buses should be used to carry messages for or against allegations made against someone.
  5. aux


    The delusion of these fans... far too much.
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  6. Likewise Michael using The Simpsons to groom his victims is incredibly sinister.
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    The most disgusting thing about it all for is Neverland. The dude built a fucking theme park in his house to groom children.
  8. Wade said something that was a bit glossed over in the Oprah show (maybe it was also in the documentary?): he groomed the world.
  9. Exactly. Imagine if you were rich and accused of something, it wouldn't fly if you had your family/fans mobilized, raising cash to take out an advertising campaign professing your innocence.

    This country and fucking messages on busses.
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  10. I was shocked when I saw a bus go past the other day with it on. Is there no system in place for vetting what is advertised on there? I thought the ones with quotes from Jesus were bad enough...
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  11. Anything for money. No morals...
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  12. And about 20 little ones. FFS.
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  13. There should be an Olympic category for flexibility because some of the stretching I’ve seen in here is award worthy.
  14. The reaching is legendary.
  15. I admit there were times I questioned Wade, but then how can you doubt it when the relationship between him and his mother (and Wade/his siblings and their mother) has been shattered?

    When his brother asked how could you let him sleep in the bed with Michael, it really does drive the point home.

    I am sure the delusional fans would say the Robsons are all conspiring together...
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    The simulation keeps getting more fucked up every day.
  17. Oh for fuck's sake.
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  19. This has been in my head since watching Leaving Neverland and the lyrics have taken on new meaning.

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