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General Michael Jackson Discussion.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 777jonny777, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. Hate that I saw this coming, hope she gets the help she needs

    Edit: Dddd wait

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  2. That’s so heartbreaking.
  3. Sad. I can't imagine what his children must be going through.
  4. Really hope she gets help and his son too as well as the Jackson family. I cant imagine what shes going through but I hope she remains strong and finds peace and happiness.

    Some of his fans are already blaming Oprah for her suicide attempt. Stan culture is very disturbing and sick.
  5. Nn they LIED. That’s so fucked up considering her history.

  6. Yeah, she denies it:

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  7. Jesus Christ. TMZ showing its ass once again.
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  8. The fact they aren’t immediately retracting it... a mess. I hope she sues.
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  9. Relieved that the story is not true. Glad Paris is exposing trash ass TMZ. Suicide is nothing to joke about.
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  10. I’m so heated that they’re dragging the kids into this mess. It’s clearly to get some sort of response because none of them have spoken about the documentary.
  11. I majored journalism and I always never could understand why someone would flat out lie about something, it just doesn’t help you in the long tun.
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  12. kal


    Incredibly generous of you to call TMZ’s line of work “journalism.”
  13. Obviously TMZ is a rag and ethically despicable, but it's usually pretty accurate, no?
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  14. Sadly yes.
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  15. I was thinking in general because sadly there are media out there who are considered respectable and yet they do the same. Of course TMZ is utter trash, to put it mildly.
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  16. Someone here posted the original news report a couple weeks ago before we found out it was him, and I followed it up with TMZ’s confirmation a few days ago. Don’t know if anyone noticed, though.
  17. I find it so weird that radio stations are banning MJ songs and things like ‘The Simpsons’ are promising not to play his episode and stuff (quite rightly to) due to this documentary....

    ....Like how only now? We’ve known he was most likely a paedo for YEARS!
  18. Were in more reactive times. There wasn’t much way to gauge public reaction other than the water cooler moment ten or twenty years ago. Social media has changed the game when in comes to service providers and public perception. Feedback was a brook and now it’s an ocean. We’re living in an era of cancelled association. The court of public opinion. Sometimes it will work for the good and other times it will work for the bad.
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