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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by bonnieetclyde, Nov 25, 2021.

  1. I just thought how funny it was that back in the 90s/00s it was always such an ‘event’ if you heard a pop star sing something live. You’d have MP3 clips being passed around online because XXX had been on a TV show and sung 30 seconds of something acapella. Or when groups would have their mics switched on at the end of a performance and would sing the last few words live as if the whole performance had been that way. Just crazy in this day and age as I just don’t think anyone would find that acceptable anymore yet we somehow did back then?
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  2. I used to love that Blue Peter used to seemingly have a "must sing live" policy. There must have been some producer on the show that really wanted to make these manufactured groups prove they could sing. Highlights include Billie's hopeless performance of Girlfriend, B*Witched's lovely rendition of Weatherman, Steps doing Deeper Shade Of Blue "see they can sing" and S Club 7's Have You Ever, in which only Jo sang the first two verses live, until it gets too high and switched back to miming, seamlessly. Not.
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  3. It’s also fun to watch a pop group mime the end of a song whilst it’s fading out
  4. Billie did a great Honey to the Bee live as well.
  5. I miss girlbands going on morning TV. I want to watch The Saturdays half heartedly mime thier latest banger at 7:45 AM as I eat my cornflakes, not whatever we have now.
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  6. Just can't get enough eh?
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  7. Ha, yes. Every popstar on the planet would sit there at 8:45am looking dead to the world as they had to be interviewed and then perform their latest single wishing they could just crawl back into bed for a week.
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  8. Mutya Buena was the queen of this. Usually giving absolute evils to the interviewer and probably being hungover. But whenever they would sing live she would still sound flawless. Queen.
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  9. Mutya could be hungover, half asleep and bored as hell but still out-sing most performers.
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  10. What was the last release from a major popstar that had a noticeably different single/radio mix? The most recent one I can think of is Untouchable by Girls Aloud…
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  11. I suppose the done thing now to freshen up a single is to add a featured artist, rather than simply remix it.

    The most recent notable single remix I can find that doesn't have a featured artist is Anne-Marie's Perfect To Me from 2018.
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  12. There's little point now these days. Back then, it was done to sell CD singles when people already had purchased the album.

    I'm still lost as to how cassette tapes have made a comeback yet the CD single hasn't? I'd much rather purchase an album bundle knowing a CD single with exclusive B-side and remix was included over a cassette version of the album I will never listen to.
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    Little Mix's Confetti got a bit of a makeover (apart from the usual feature)
  14. There's been quite a few CD singles lately though. Albeit cardboard sleeve jobbies with only the 1 track.
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  15. Taylor Swift did a "single mix" for Wildest Dreams back in 2015, it is far superior than the album version, althoug I think it isnt available anywhere (just some kind of "promo" release)
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  16. Well, yes but hardly worth it when it's the same version as on the album and no extra songs or remixes.
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