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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Crayons, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Don't call me sis I'm a man.
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  2. Great new album from Brent Faiyaz.

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  3. Bop.
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  4. For anyone in the LA area this May. This lineup is insane:

  5. I would physically sell my left hand to be there.
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  6. Oh, I'm going! Can't believe this is real. This about to be a damn mess
  7. Mess @ Lauryn Hill being a headliner though. I wonder why festivals even bother booking her nowadays if she’ll just be several hours late to play half of her scheduled set?
  8. Lil Kim is saying this festival is fake on her Instagram, other artists have confirmed no involvement in this, Meg is supposed to be in DC that day.

    What is happening here on this day
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  9. This looks like a fanfiction festival so I doubt it's real. Who has the budget for all these names?

    edit: Well

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  10. Amerie put it on her Instagram story, though...

  11. He's such a TROLL! That was hilarious (Quinta especially!).
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