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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Crayons, Jan 12, 2012.

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  2. I haven't listened to dvsn's new album until now and it's really nice.

    What are everybody's favourite 2020 rnb albums?
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  3. So far it would have to be between Alina's and Niia's, with Rimon's EP probably being my favorite
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  4. I'd say so far-
    1. Chloe x Halle
    2. JoJo
    3. Kehlani

    Honourable mentions for Teyana, Kiana Lede and keiyaA.
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  5. I'm between 'Ungodly Hour', Teyana's 'The Album' and Giveon's 'Take Time'.

    Quick shoutout to Bosco's 'Some Day This Will All Make Sense', Kiana Ledé's 'Kiki', Orion Sun's 'Hold Space For Me' - and 070 Shake's 'Modus Vivendi', which I think is a bit outside the R&B's box.
  6. Jojo, Jhene, probably Brandy. That's about it.

    Chloe x Halle was fine, Orion Sun was a little disappointing, more of the same from Teyana & Kehlani...
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  7. dddd Brandy's album is out?
  8. No, but I can always count on Brandy for quality, and from the snippets I've heard, it should be pretty good! I'm feeling confident putting it on my list already - even if Baby Mama wasn't the best.
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  9. A great album - she is very slept on (if only she’d been a Kanye collaborator before he was trash - Ghost Town is one of the only things of worth he’s given us in the past 5 years and she’s a major part it’s greatness).

    Anyway, even if she’s way “left” of most R&B, I’m still appalled that Morrow wasn’t a #1 pop hit for weeks on end...
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  10. Most of my favorites were already named here, but I also loved Leven Kali's HIGHTIDE and Parisalexa's 2 Real.
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  11. Huuuum, the level of taste in this thread never disappoints!

    I think my favorite R&B albums this year are Niia's II: La bella vita (my favorite album of 2020 so far), Alina Baraz's It Was Divine, Jhené Aiko's Chilombo and Chloe x Halle's Ungodly Hour (bop on bop on bop). I'd add The Weeknd's After Hours and Moses Sumney's græ to this list but I'm not exactly sure we can consider them as "R&B records."

    2020 has been overall a really great year for R&B so far! Leven Kali, dvsn, JoJo, Kiana Ledé and Orion Sun, as many of you cited, all released great records, and I've also really enjoyed the ones Thundercat, Ro James, TeaMarr, Cleo Sol and Diana Gordon put out. 6LACK's recent EP was also really good and I'm looking forward to his next project. (hopefully it will come out this year)

    I'll use this occasion to post one of my favorite albums from last year because I didn't see it get any love or recognition anywhere, except on HBO's Insecure (not surprising since Issa Rae has the best taste in music). It's a stellar R&B record, it mixes soul, hip hop and country influences together so beautifully. Mereba's voice sounds like a mix between Janelle Monáe's and Solange's. It's reflective and spiritual. It's also a pretty perfect summer album so I cannot recommend it enough, especially during this season!

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  12. Yas that Mereba album is amazing - the JID collaboration is just such a jam!

    I will re-listen to the Alina Baraz album. I liked it when I listened to it, but it didn't grab me as much as it did others it seems!
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  13. This just popped up on my youtube.
    I can't stop playing it.
    Can you imagine Rihanna on this?

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  14. I love this. Shay Lia only releases 10s I think!

  15. I was watching a Britney documentary, and she was bopping to this song (she calls it "her favorite song ever!"). Shame on me for having discovered this just now!

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