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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Crayons, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Can Kaytranada do anything wrong?

    And I'm going to check out Teedra Moses later as I'm liking the snippets so far.
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  2. Well, have I got a remix for you!

    Teedra’s original recording:

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  3. Thank you so much for this post! I had bookmarked something about her a while ago but she slipped my mind. I listened to 'I Been Livin' and it's gorgeous, can't wait to dive into this.
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  4. Friends - we mustn't sleep on India Shawn. Here's here new single with Anderson .Paak:

    She also released my other favorite song of 2020, Cali Love:
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  5. You definitely should! I'd say that her album is in my top 30 R&B albums of the 00s and certainly one of the most underrated. Saying that I do think Teedra has influenced some of the newer R&B artists out at the moment. I know that Ari Lennox stans her (and Amerie too - the taste!!)
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  6. Just my opinion but i think Ctrl by SZA is the best r&b album ever made?
  7. Love Rileyy Lanez' voice!

    In my apparent series of going back and re-listening to underrated R&B artists of the 00s, today has been all about Amerie. Seriously, I'd say All I Have, Because I Love It and In Love & War are all at least 9/10 albums. Even Touch is a good album. Her consistency is unreal and it's a shame that she never became the huge star she deserves to be.
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  8. I think this was asked already, before in this thread but what's everyone's favourite R&B album so far this year?

    I'm very, very, into 'Sorry for the Wait' by Trei Stella. All killer/no filler on that one.
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  9. New single from (Amber) Riley! It's a vibey bop, I'm surprised by the sound she's gone for but I love it.
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