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General Spice Girls Discussion *On Tour*

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. Re: Spice Girls world tour

    Wasn''t it the other way round?

    I''m sure it was Geri who wanted Nicola but Louis chose Kimberley in the end.
  2. Re: Spice Girls world tour

    Actually, it could have been... back to the Spices now.
  3. Re: General Spice Girls Discussion

    After seeing Victoria breastage yesterday, how about ''Tits & Hits''?!

  4. Re: Negative PopJustice on Spice Girls...yawn!

    I dont really understand why popjustice reaction has been so weird yesterday and today...They shoulkd be as excited as we are...their behavior is not even acceptable

    whatever are u thinkkin bout popjustice...u should be grateful about their come back
  5. Re: Spice Girls appear on release date charts...

    I was hoping they would do this as well! The two great music related shows of the 90''s would be fantastic! And I think Spice Girls and Take That from back in the day with Girls Aloud and a male artist who is actually successful now (can''t really think of one) to do a re-launch.

    I''m dreaming again
  6. Re: General Spice Girls Discussion

    You mean Compéring?
    Because he was in Spiceworld wasn''t he?
  7. Re: General Spice Girls Discussion

    ...Remember the Take That documentary?
    "I used to watch the TV with my kid and point at Gary Barlow every time he came on going ''That''s Daddy''!"
  8. Re: Negative PopJustice on Spice Girls...yawn!

    But why does the coverage have to be fawning and overwhelmingly positive?

    It was clear from the press conference that the Spice Girls and 19 are being cautious, too - testing the waters before deciding whether there is an appetite for a full comeback. PJ got the balance right, if you ask me.

    But it was great to see them all together again, being generally unruly and cringing with embarassment at Geri''s ridiculous motormouth. Oh, and I spotted Eddie Murphy''s lovechild and Nicky Chapman in the audience. Aces.
  9. Re: General Spice Girls Discussion

    It was the one single that didn''''''''t make Number One :(

    PS Milky - you rule for all your VHS footage

    Melanie C Needs To Lose That Sodding Fringe!
    She used to look far better[​IMG]
  10. Popjustice

    Popjustice Staff Member

    Re: Negative PopJustice on Spice Girls...yawn!

    "Not even acceptable."

  11. Beware

    Beware Guest

    Re: Negative PopJustice on Spice Girls...yawn!

    ^Amazing indeed.

    Their music still sounds absolutely amazing. I''ve got out the albums and listened to every song. Naked, which I thought was shit back in 1996, now is a contender for the best track on that album. The only dud on the first one is Mama, which would probably be amazing on any other album, but just unfortunately has been pushed out of view on this album.

    The second album is the greatest album of all time, in my opinion. Track after track of brilliance, with Viva Forever, The Lady Is A Vamp and Spice Up Your Life being just some of the greatest.

    I think I put the third album in the bin back in ''02.

    Still, I want this show to be gimmicky, over-the-top, dramatic, full of props, downright ''90''s cheese. I wouldnt have any other way. Imagine Lady Is A Vamp done in the style of the SpiceWorld Photoshoot, or Who Do You Think You Are with all the amazing outfits. Or Stop with topless lollipop men holding giant colourful Spice Chupa Chups saying Stop on them. And then loads of medleys, like an 80''s one. They could all wear conical bras and it would be BRILLIANT to see Victoria singing Like A Prayer.
  12. Re: General Spice Girls Discussion

    wow she looks fat there.
    she toned up a lot lately hasn''t she?
  13. Re: Negative PopJustice on Spice Girls...yawn!

    I didn''t see PJ''s commentary on the Spice Girls reunion as negative. I think PJ like myself, felt that considerring that everyone has been anticipating this news for a long time, that the actual announcement was a bit of an anti-climax. The problem with this is that it has been so expected that we all expected so much more than what was said. The press conference had elements of the old days but it just lacked excitement and any real news as it was all so predictable and expected.

    Milky x
  14. Re: Negative PopJustice on Spice Girls...yawn!

  15. Re: Negative PopJustice on Spice Girls...yawn!

    I agree with Cleggar. I think the Spice Girls are a lot like ABBA in the respect that they were both huge in their active years and then were ridiculed after their split and fans even distanced themselves from them. Like ABBA, I feel that once the Greatest Hits is released people will realise that they actually did make very good pop songs.

    Milky x
  16. Re: Negative PopJustice on Spice Girls...yawn!

    the way they will perform songs will change a lot... they are better singers now

    after all efforts with solo music... they ve learnt a lot.. and im really glad..

    Still dont undertand why life in mono flopped
  17. Re: General Spice Girls Discussion

    I hope Im not the only one to notice that (in the pics from yesterday) they all seem to be wearing the spice rings of yester year on necklaces - a feature that nearly made me create a puddle on the floor !!!
  18. Re: Negative PopJustice on Spice Girls...yawn!

    Lack of promotion?? Lack of obvious single choices?? Releasing too close to Christmas?? Releasing after just one single?? Lack of interest from all parties involved??

    Milky x
  19. Re: Negative PopJustice on Spice Girls...yawn!

    Mr PJ is not a pop-robot (unfortunately) and therefore his opinions will not always match yours or the majority. Please don’t get nasty or angry about it. Just have a nice healthy debate whilst eating your 5 fruit & veg.
  20. Re: General Spice Girls Discussion

    Really?? I never noiced that!! How amazing and how sweet at the same time!! It really is like a girl gang getting back together again isn''t it??!!

    Milky x
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