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General Spice Girls Discussion *On Tour*

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. Re: Negative PopJustice on Spice Girls...yawn!

    it''s not their fault that the cat was out of the bag too soon - nothing can be kept secret anymore thanks to an increasingly demanding public and competiitive media!!! They tried their best to keep it a secret.....we all know what''s gonna happen on Eastenders months ahead of it even being filmed for example...nothing is a surprise anymore. That''s life!
  2. Re: Negative PopJustice on Spice Girls...yawn!

    This comparison is nonsense.
    Abba - 8 albums, Spice Girls - 3 albums
    Abba - wrote and produced their own songs, Spice Girls - wrote and produced their own songs with a consderable degree of help behind the scenes
    Abba - considered naff at the time, Spice Girls - global phenomenon
  3. Re: General Spice Girls Discussion

    I''m THIS close of posting my dream tracklisting for the anticipated GH.

    HELL I''ll do it anyway

    1. Wannabe
    2. Spice Up Your Life
    3. Say you''ll be there
    4. Too Much (radio edit)
    5. Tell Me Why
    6. Step To Me
    7. Holler (radio edit)
    8. 2 Become 1 (single version)
    9. Stop
    10. Let Love Lead The Way (radio edit)
    11. Mama (radio dit)
    12. Who Do You Think You Are (Radio edit)
    13. Weekend Love
    14. "New Track"
    15. If You Wanna Have Some Fun (radio edit)
    16. Goodbye (radio edit)

  4. Re: Negative PopJustice on Spice Girls...yawn!

    Exactly. That''s why everyone was expecting more. An announcement of a Greatest Hits and a Tour was hardly news and therefore an anti-climax.

    Milky x
  5. Re: General Spice Girls Discussion

    I''''d take off "Weekend Love" and put on:

    "Move Over" (as it was used in the Pepsi commercials)
    "Never Give Up On The Good Times" (as it was supposed to be a double a-side with Viva Forever)

    The "Forever" tracks still on there should have a Geri contribution to make them slightly different and worthwhile additions to the compilation.

    I would also include a bonus fan disc available as a limited edition featuring the unreleased tracks, the original pop version of "Right Back At Ya!" and "My Strongest Suit"

    Milky x
  6. Re: Negative PopJustice on Spice Girls...yawn!

    we are all spiled little children...

    am I alone in this world who likes their solo music?
  7. Re: Negative PopJustice on Spice Girls...yawn!

    The press conference ( ) was much funnier than the few popjustice quotes mentioned on the main popjustice page. I can''t see any other pop artists being so irreverent and larking about with the press, as they do. What does mr popjustice want? Them to act like all those miserable credible artists who have nothing funny to say, or thick girl and boy bands who only care about being pretty and being p.g. digestible.

    The press conference made me realize how refreshing they were, and still are, in the arena of pop culture, and how much I missed them.

    I really hope I will manage to bag tickets, because it will be the best party of the decade.
  8. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Re: Negative PopJustice on Spice Girls...yawn!

    Mr Popjustice is clearly suffering from a case of The Grumps.
    It''s the SPICE GIRLS!!!!!!

    And it''s not "text speak", it''s "internet speak". People were mis-spelling words long before the SMS became popular.

    It''s a bit half-harted, and the ticket system is a joke. But COME ON!
    Electro-rock remixes of R&B songs are only entertaining for a while...
    Let''s have some fun!

    Oh and there''s a new bouncy pop forum opening this autumn, people. if you''re interested. Heh
  9. Beware

    Beware Guest

    Re: Negative PopJustice on Spice Girls...yawn!

    I agree with my fellow fictional character from Spice Up Your Life.

    IT''S THE FUCKING SPICE GIRLS!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!one!!111!!!two!!!!

    I hope that Victoria gets to sing a bit more this time round. She actually has quite a nice voice.
  10. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Re: Negative PopJustice on Spice Girls...yawn!

    I hope "Kung Fu Fighting Dancing Queen" agrees with us too...
  11. Re: General Spice Girls Discussion

    Maybe the bulimia''s set in again.
  12. Re: General Spice Girls Discussion

    I''d forgotten how funny Vicky could be when she needed to be. Arguably the least talented, she''s done the best through her husband and her own smarts. Girl Power. I really am glad to see Mel B back as Scary Spice, she looks amazing.
  13. Re: General Spice Girls Discussion

    So if Geri is singing on Forever tracks on the tour, will they put Geri-flavoured ''Holler'' on the GH?
  14. Re: Negative PopJustice on Spice Girls...yawn!

    I do indeed.

    I hope they utilise the Spiceworld logo again. And have the Spice Mothership featuring in the tour videos too!
  15. Re: General Spice Girls Discussion

    I cant stop watching the conference...

    And im courious about Geri singing goodbye or holler

    or how they gonna manage with each other

    or how long this will last

    so many questions...
  16. Re: General Spice Girls Discussion

    The Spice Girls are listed as the third popular most-searched on Yahoo. This is a good thing, no?

    I''m not entirely convinced of how successful they''ll be here in the States and feel that they''re going to need to go on manic promotional blitzes -- on an individual and group-scale and I don''t mean just late night chat-shows. I mean, imagine if Mel B booked a recurring guest role on Nip/Tuck -- which would certainly heighten her own profile and then once you link that to the reunion. Victoria''s got her work cut out for her and already as the American press eating out of hands (though there are rumors of her guesting in an episode of Ugly Betty which would be ace.) I''d love to see Geri do another cheesy reality show. As for Mel C. Meh. She''ll threaten us with a performance of Better ALone and perhaps that would singlehandedly kill all public interest in the reunion... and maybe Emma can go on a massive tour of the daytime chat shows. The Spice Girls still have a ways to go before getting American coverage, so get to it, girls -- lest you want us filing in to see you perform acoustic sets at The Cake Shop in Lower Manhattan...

    Then again, I''d love the girls to do Oprah again.

    Something tells me that this has been in the planning phases for far more than a year -- while calling her PR people for This Time on line 1, Mel C probably had Simon Fuller on line 2.

    Those wascaly Spice Girls.
  17. Re: General Spice Girls Discussion

    well they appeared all media in the states yesterday, so there is a chance they might do sth there.. althoug the market there is really difficult

    jsut the fact that the guy at talked bout them seems to be that they still know who the spice girls are... and that''s fantasticyesterday the world was spiceworld again

    and I go for first day of my life if mealnie plans to sing
  18. Re: Negative PopJustice on Spice Girls...yawn!

    Yeah, the press conference was absolutely fantastic. It was like a family reunion, wasn''t it?
  19. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Re: General Spice Girls Discussion

    Yay! Kung Fu Fighting Dancing Queen!!!

    they need lots and lots of tv shows to go on.

    if there isn''t excessive presenter groping and cameraman botering i will NOT be pleased.
  20. Re: General Spice Girls Discussion


    This reunion has deep significance. It wasn''t until I saw the press conference that I realised how refreshing the Spice Girls once again are, and how unpleasant current pop culture has become. It''s all drugs and drink binges, and falling out of cabs half naked, and back and forth bitching, and when these "popstars" do promotions they go all corporate and humourless. I like Girls Aloud, but sadly they demonstrate a lot of those symptoms of that current pop sickness. You can keep your Lily and Amy and Robbie, and their dull bitterness, predictable cynicism, ego tantrums and rehab pride. Saying "fuck" every two sentences doesn''t equate wit. Look at the Spice Girls and learn how to be witty gracefully!

    This Spice reunion is like a long overdue anti dote to that. The girls just make me feel simply happy again, and I am currently listening to their total combined and single back catalogue and appreciating it more than ever. The Spice phenomenon will happen again this next christmas period. Yes it''s a generational thing, too, but I think the new kids might pick up on it as well, as they''ve been starved of good quality fun pop for too long now, and they''re tired of all those miseries and interchangeable flavourless non entities from the pop idol factory line or the model/stripper/dancers without identity like the pussycatdolls.

    Highlight so far. During the press conference, the Spice girls worked their combined girl-power on celeb-journo Joe Mott (ex Sarah Harding''s boyfriend) verbally castrating him, quipping "Hey look it''s K-Fed," intimidating him by making jokes about his haircut, then when Mel B gushed "aaahh, I feel sorry for him now," making him feel even smaller, Mel C quickly retorted, "He''s from The Daily Star, don''t feel sorry for him." You just don''t get other pop artists to do this kind of stuff. it''s at 00.30 seconds of the following link

    The press conference had more highly entertaining moments. It''s obvious that these girls together are a force to be reckoned with. I anticipate it''s gonna be a spiceworld all over again.

    Still I don''t understand how 11 concerts add up to £10 million each, but they deserve it more than anyone else in the pop industry.
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