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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I've been and I think how much you enjoy it very much depends on which Final Fantasy games you love most. (And how high your tolerance is for an arena of nerds awkwardly not-quite-chanting along to Sephiroth's theme)
  2. I'm hoping 12 gets a decent representation given the remaster. It's the 30th anniversary show so I'm imagining the big hitters will obvs be there
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  3. XII was completely skipped in my show so I'm hoping you get a better deal!
    I guess be prepared for all non-VII games to get a cursory glance in favour of playing that game's entire soundtrack.
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  4. I just need 6 and 9 to get a decent showing

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  5. I think the only XII tracks adapted for the Distant Worlds albums have been Kiss Me Goodbye and The Dalmasca Estersand.

    I get that many are pissed about this mobile game but its clear many also do enjoy it otherwise it wouldn't have so many downloads.

    Many wonder, why they did this? Its rather simple, money. At the end if the day, SE is a company who also loves making money, they do things that seem profitable and it looks like this certainly is.
  7. I think having a fucking advert on literally every youtube video I've watched for the past 2 months might have helped.
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  8. After powering through all the remakes/remasters for PS4, is there going to be an update for the FFXIII series?
  9. Yeah, I know people talk about the annoying ads. I have no idea how but I have never seen those ads on Youtube. Lucky me I guess haha!
  10. I'm very close to finishing 12 for the first time and I've loved it? Although the story kind of struggles to pull anything together where all the politics really matters cause at the end of the day there's some god beings who just wanna blow shit up.
  11. They haven't said anything concrete about XIII but they did say they wanted "every FF on PS4" and they're releasing Star Ocean 4 on PS4 next month, which was also a PS3 game, so it's pretty likely the XIII series will hit PS4 sooner or later.
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  12. This has got 20 million downloads:

  13. I barely ever play mobile games anywway so I couldn’t care less. However, I do see where is SE coming from - in Japan consoles are not popular anymore so I guess this is their way of making profit elsewhere. The fact that 15 is only 6th game that reached 1 million mark in Japan in the last 5 years says a lot.

    I guess many do enjoy this regardless of heavy advertisment - if anything, constant ads usually turn you off so I don’t think this is the main reason.
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  15. It had to be more expensive though, or else the season pass price wouldn't make sense.
  16. Yeah but I never expected to be this higher, I made a huge mistake of not buying a season pass... Oh well, I guess I'll buy the second one IF they make it.

    And I'll just wait and see if there is indeed a good story relevance within the Comrades, I'm not that interested if this is just more of a gameplay thing, just fighting - it is what I thought it will be which is why I decided not to buy a season pass in the first place but I am interested now since they keep saying it will be related to the story.

    It just frustrates me that it looks like I will spend more money this way than if I bought the season pass.
  17. Why can't you buy it now? Have you started buying the DLC Episodes individually? I'm sure they will put it on sale eventually, I will wait until then.
  18. I did buy it individually, I bought Gladio and Prompto when they came out. If I had known Comrades would have a higher price such as this, I would get a pass. But maybe you are right, maybe it will be cheaper eventually.
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