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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I'm currently at the Royal Albert Hall Distant Worlds concert and apart from them spamming us with adverts for the 6,000 FFXV spinoffs during the interval, it's been an iconic afternoon. Lots of Fran, lots of Rinoa, lots of Dagger. Yas.
  2. Oh it was great wasn't it? The finale Opera from FFVI was magical.
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  3. Comrades is officially coming on 15th of November.

    Square never actually said Comrades is coming out today, from their official tweet.

    I don't know why media reported the 7th as release date.
  4. FFXIV for PS4 is heavily discounted in Europe this weekend. The starter pack is €7.49 and the Complete Edition with all three expansions is only €27.49. I'm really considering jumping in!
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  5. Nice catch. I never got Stormblood so I may pick it up now. Actually if it works getting the complete edition would be cheaper cause it comes with 30 free days.
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  6. Yeah, the trailer is also pretty cool:

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  7. I've bitten the bullet and downloaded the free trial of FFXIV. not sure if I should just get the starter edition as it's only a fiver even though I haven't played it yet
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  8. do it.
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  9. I was already thinking about buying Tekken 7 at some point, but that Noctis gameplay has made it a must buy. Luckily, it will probably be discounted from now to spring.

    I did the same! I ended up purchasing the starter edition. It comes with 30 days for free, so it will be enough time to enjoy some of the story and see if it's worth continuing with the expansions in the future.
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  10. Comrades is out.

    Those who play it, please tell if it is indeed worth 20 dollars to spend on - I am mostly interested about the story part.
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  11. I predict bare bones story fuckery and loads of dull quests. Someone @ me when you make a joke about the main game on this.
  12. Here is a supposed leak on FF7 - who knows if this is reliable but it is still an interesting read:

  13. I really hope the FFXII style split zones thing is true. I'm not here at all for another XV style big empty world.
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  14. I'm downloading Comrades now, but I'm also downloading a bunch of games I picked at the current sales and my internet is pretty bad so it'll be a while till I have it.
  15. There is going to be a FF12:TZA broadcast on the 21st with some "good news". I'm guessing it's probably a PC/Switch release announcement.
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  16. Yeah, the zone thing is one of the rarest things I really enjoyed in XII to be honest so I am all for it to happen again in VII remake. But they have to keep the option of driving the Highwind, I think too many fans would be pissed off if there wouldn't be any flying like in XII
  17. I ended up buying Comrades. I really like it, I’m not disappointed.

    I like all the documents and that you have to power up the plant. Cid’s crafting is also cool. The battle system is pretty fun as well.

    But one thing I really don’t like about the game - you level up slowly and then they give you only a few quests that you have to do over and over. They should have given us more mission options.
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