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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I mean turn the game speed up and it's negligible
  2. So what level is good for Nabudis? I am 47 and its still a bit hard so I figure I need to level up a bit more to handle it.
  3. It shouldn't be that difficult for you at this point. Still not 'easy,' but at least it shouldn't be impossible for you to wander around. Perhaps make sure to have a character throwing your highest ice spell to enemies weak to that element.
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  4. I’ll try it for fun just to see but I kind of doubt my laptop will handle it.
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  5. FFXV patch 1.21 now live... It's supposedly 3GB but my PS4 is telling me I need to free 25.9GB for it... ugh.
  6. Dissidia: Opera Omnia has launched today on iOS and Android and it's surprisingly good. The bravery/HP mechanics work very well in a turn-base system.
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  7. I haven't played it but I saw it on Youtube that they:

    made Ifrit looking like under the influence of the Starscourge and Noct/Shiva have a few new lines
  8. Peace and blessings for this because it's basically gonna decide whether I'm buying a PS4 anytime soon or whether I'm just gonna ride it out on PC.
  9. Woohoo finally got around to play the first two or three hours of Final Fantasy XII. Here are some opinions that other people have already had in 2006 and most of you have probably discussed a hundred times over already.

    Animations and voice acting are huge step up from FFX. I enjoy that the game world is a bit more open from the get-go compared to FFIX and FFX.
    A bit surprised that the game basically throws that Zodiac License system at the player's feet with much less of an in-game tutorial system than in previous FFs. No doubt I've already made huge mistakes in choosing the boards for Vaan and Penelo.
    The combination of battle system, "hunt" quests and character design makes the gameplay seem much more Western MMORPG than Final Fantasy so far. It remains to be seen if the game manages to scratch the same itch.
    Bit annoyed that while the game itself runs perfectly smooth on my machine, the FMVs stutter massively and are basically unwatchable. Hopefully that will be fixed with a future update.
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  10. I just got X/X-2 for the PS4 even though I already had it for the PS3 (and PS2)... it was really cheap anyway. Time to play that again and keep leaving XV to collect dust and endless updates.
  11. As an addendum to my last post, I hope there is a twist in FFXII that every character is related to each other. Because they literally all have the same face.
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  12. With just these two songs we've got everything. Vocals? Check. Costume change? Check. Special guest? Check.
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  13. Ok I finally figured quickenings. Oh and Zeromus is an ass but I defeated him.

    I appreciate they tried something new with the different espers but I miss the old gang, Shiva, Iftrit, Bahamut etc. These new ones look kind of evil and hostile.
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  14. They kinda are though.

    I have like 5 trophies left to platinum Zodiac Age.
  15. That's because (FFT spoilers)...
    They are the villains of Final Fantasy Tactics, which is a sequel to FFXII. Part of the charm of XII is that you get to control the bosses that made you suffer so much in Tactics. More info.
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  16. Oh cool, I never played Tactics so I never knew about this.
  17. The bestiary mentions each of the espers is an evil entity opposed to one of the gods. It is interesting they did something different.
  18. Did anyone get Dissidia NT? It apparently being very online oriented/not having a proper story mode made me decide to wait till there's a price drop.
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