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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I remember the huge amount of espers that were available on Mobius. There were so many of them! I'd love a main title that focuses on Espers like that.
  2. I did the two medallions but when I go to Nebreus, nothing happens when I talk to the creature at Strap - am I missing something? I read all the guides and everyone says he decides to give you the medallions once you do the fragments in Rabanastre and Archades. Well I am there and yet he only tells me I helped with the Love medallion. What gives?
  3. Did you go to the hidden path in Nabreus Deadlands where you fight Roblon? Maybe you didn't give all the fragments to the nu mou in the Old Dalan's place?
    Try looking here
  4. Ugh, its such a silly thing - I have collected Dull Fragment but for some reason I ended up not having saved that part - that is why I was confused how come it doesn't work when I did everything.
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  5. I played both closed and open betas and I loved it. It's pretty much like the PSP ones just putting the focus on competitive battles. I tried it playing co-op with friends on my team and it was a lot of fun.

    It does have a story mode, it's just the usual of fighting games based on cutscenes. I imagine I will miss the world of Dissidia 012, but there are other things to make up for it.
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  6. What am I looking at here?!
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  7. I downloaded the first chapter of FF15 Pocket Edition, everyone looks cute and ugly at the same time. I guess no one will drool over Cindy or Aranea in this version haha!

    EDIT: I have a problem though. The game shuts down after Noct leaves Insomnia. I have iPhone 6 and I thought it would work but I guess not.
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  9. I need to give the Pocket Edition a try, even just for the novelty value.
  10. I wonder which devices actually support the game - because it doesn't work on my iPhone and neither on 2 Android phones my brothers have.
  11. Seems to work fine on my Pixel, played just for a couple of minutes though.
  12. Is the pocket edition the same story as the regular game or a different one? I haven’t played the regular one yet (although I own it) and I don’t want to spoil it by playing the pocket one if it’s the same.
  13. I think it's the same.
  14. Everything is the same, just without the sidequests. I did however notice people mentioning there are couple of different dialogue moments within it.
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  15. Resubbed to 14 last week after a couple of months off to do the new patch content. The

    Final Fantasy 6
    theme of the Omega Sigmascape raid is such a great choice (and the battles are pretty great too).

    It's really astounding how the story has just gotten better and better throughout each of the expansions and subsequent patches. I don't think it's a stretch for me to say it's possibly my favorite Final Fantasy in the series.
  16. I hate concurrences and Trial 100 in Zodiac Age so much. It's like the only 2 obstacles between me and the platinum.
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  18. I didn't even bother with the trials myself. The concurrences aren't really hard to get though!
  19. I had so many times when I was left with one quickening missing for the Black Hole, so freaking frustrating. I know it's like basic math + luck + reaction, but it honestly almost got me fuming.
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