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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. uuuugh I hate THE the damn Great Crystal place, its a bloody maze, even with a guide! I will be pissed if I finally get to Ultima and then discover I am too weak to beat it. I certainly hope not, I managed to defeat all the optional espers so far and I'm at lv 58 so fingers crossed I am not roaming this nightmare for nothing.
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  2. Oh god, seriously though, this place is the definition of hell.
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  3. It is AWFUL. Imagine going through that without a guide...

    The Ultima fight isn't hard at least @ZsDbk88
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  4. I... went in without a guide. Mistakes were certainly made.

    In other news after like 5 hours of trying I still can't get that damned Black Hole concurrence.
  5. Good to know, thanks!
  6. I kinda loved the Great Crystal once I knew where I was going, the constant fights get a little repetitive and I ended up pretty starved of MP if I recall correctly but it was a nice test of endurance. Worth trying to do in a single sitting just to make sure you pick up all the weapons and spells. Ultima was disappointingly easy, though.
  7. I appreciate that the Great Crystal was incredibly rewarding in terms of exp for minimum effort compared to any other location in the game.
  8. Don't worry, I beat her only a couple of weeks ago and I think I wasn't even level 57 with my strongest character.

    I have a love/hate relationship with the Great Crystal. It's insanely difficult to get through, but also so beautiful and well designed.
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  9. It's one thing if you're just going for Ultima, but the back and forth and work needed to get some of the treasures there is just too much... the gates and switches, the timed sections... *shudder* And the treasures are pretty important too at least in the Zodiac version (Shellga, Hastega, the best bow and so on).
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  10. I didn't say it was a pleasure...
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  12. Oh god, what an iconic evening! I got both the fucking Black Hole concurrence and managed to beat the 100th trial. Now all to do is finish up the bestiary and the main story. I can't fucking wait to hear the first sweet sweet notes of Kiss Me Good-Bye as a reward! Shower me with glory Angela!!!
  13. Angela's cover of Eyes on Me is so lovely as well.
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  14. I read about Omega hunt mark... yeeeah, I’m not sure I’ll want get back to that hellish Great Crystal place and fight a boss that has over MILLION hp. I swear FF developers just love to torture us fans.

    I’ll try to first beat Gilgamesh for the second time and then go ahead a bit with the story.
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  15. I decided against venturing to Great Crystal for Omega Mark, because you get to fight him on trial 99 anyway.
    Most of her songs are though.
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  16. To be fair, if you have already got to Ultima and found Shellga and/or Hastega, you have pretty much open the route to Omega, so it's easier to get through whenever you go back.

    I got to it by mistake when I was getting those spells and it was in sleeping mode. It only activates when you accept the quest.
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  17. Oh ok, I found Shellga so good to know it won't be that difficult. I think I have done all I can for now, I defeated Gilgamesh so its best to head back to the story. More new hunts are available later so I'm looking forward to that.

    The only problem is that I forgot most of the story playing sidequests so much. I remember Ashe getting the Treaty blade and Cid tricking everybody but I forgot what exactly is his goal and what does that Occuria being want (destroy everything?) Ooops haha! I'll just chek all the story on Wiki once I finish the game.
  18. Woo-hoo, just platinumed Zodiac Age. A great remaster overall, I should say. Ah, the chills of hearing Kiss Me Good-Bye.
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