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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Giving him his own studio seems like a roundabout way of getting Tabata the fuck away from Final Fantasy, but I'll take it.

  2. Tabata managed to release a game from development hell, I can’t really blame him for anything. If anything, its company’s fault for rushing things and various collaborations with spin offs and whatnot.
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  3. I'm (mostly) kidding on - I have a lot of respect for how he handled the development of XV and the reception/updating of it since! The Luminous Productions website is interesting, it talks about "breaking rules" and "pushing boundaries" and stuff so I'm excited to see what might come out of it.
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  4. Sorry, I didn't realize you were kidding haha! - its just that the poor guy gets so much hate on the internet that I like to defend him - I agree that at the very least deserves the respect for being so eager to improve the game, if only more devs are like him.

    But yeah, this could be interesting - he said so many times how FF15 helped him and his team grow more, I'm sure they all learned a lot from many setbacks and errors. So who knows what he will do next, I'm looking forward to it.
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  5. "Breaking rules" and "pushing boundaries" is giving me "high budget mobile phone games" but I'd love to be proven wrong.
  6. I'm not sure Tabata is thrilled with what is happening with FF15, regarding mobile games like New Empire crap for example. I doubt he would be happy doing a mobile game after he had a huge success with FF15 despite the setbacks and mixed reactions. But hey, who knows
  7. RJF


    Question I've always wondered about the FF8 opening sequence: the bit with Rinoa in the meadow gripping the petal and the turning it into a feather... is it actually supposed to tie perfectly with the ending? I.e. that's actually her using her sorceress powers and casting a spell to find Squall after he's lost in Time Compression, thus answering how she appears with the feather dropping in the end sequence. Because if it is, that's actually a pretty cool way of tying the beginning and ending together for a game that ends up with a time-related plot.

    Or is it just meaningless prettiness that I've given too much credit?
  8. I think this was asked, and someone of the producers dismissed this, but I'm not sure I remembering this correctly.
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  9. I never thought about this, it would be very cool if that is the case but I always assumed it is just a fancy opening cutscene.

    By the way, I saw the list of characters ages. Auron was 35? I always thought he was at least in late 40s, early 50s.

    Just once I would love to see an older protagonist, I think the oldest are Cloud and Lightning at 21.
  10. Mood right now after picking up halfway through an old playthrough of VIII


  11. I bet people will come up with all kinds of mods.

    I never dared to use a mod though, I am always scared that I will mess up my laptop. I have seen pretty great ones for 8 on Youtube for example.
  12. [​IMG]
  13. A lot of people are happy they are continuing to work on the game so there is no way they will stop now. People are hyped about the mods as well so that is definitely a good idea.

    I have seen nothing but good reviews on Royal Edition/Windows edition, pretty much everyone agrees the game is better now than at the beginning.
  14. Well you’d fucking hope so at this point.
  15. Yeah, but at the same time people bitch about everything, they can't do anything right no matter how much they try. Take ch. 14 for example - majority complained how empty it is and quick it is. Well now they added things and I see people complaining that the original idea of emptiness was better. They are in a tough spot, you just can't please people.
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    Putting out a half finished game will result in that.
  17. I mean they literally had a damn survey asking fans for ideas...

    so basically the artistic vision is fucked
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  18. I don't think they asked for them. They had all these initial ideas that got cut because of time so they wanted to know what the fans want to see - they can't bring everything they had drafts for but they can bring some of the things, hence the survey. We know from leaked info that many of the things didn't make it into the game.

    But yeah, I always say it seems to me they are always worrying too much about what the fans think and want. - I found ch.13 perfectly fine for what it wanted to show but they made different version of it because fans complained so much.

    I do wonder what will happen to FF7 remake, are they going to worry too much about what the fans would want to see.
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