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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. <_< what is it and do I want it
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  2. Oh! I was there for this and it was spectacular.

    Until they got to the overly long Tomb Raider tracks, anyway. You could feel the audience's general sense of "Can we get on with it now?"
  3. Well, ideally they would have released a more complete game but nothing about FFXV is ideal. I agree that with their current model, microtransactions shouldn't be added to the mix because we're already being asked to pay for episodic content (watch them do it though).

    Since we got what we got, I was saying that I think they should have been giving us the episodic content for free, and earned revenue through microtransactions, like what GTA Online does.
  4. I do agree first three DLCs should maybe be free because they were important to get the full story.

    However, since this new DLC batch seems to be all about alernate timeline, then this is exactly what DLC should be - it is an optional content, you can either buy it or not - it is not necessary for the overall plot since it doesn’t change the canon - so yeah, I don’t have a problem with this not being free.
  5. It has to do with inventory management, retainer and marketboard access, chatting and so on. There's also a free version so you can always try that.
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  6. Have there been any Comrades updates?
  7. Finally (read: 80+ hours) almost to the end of the grinding slog in FFXI to the max level cap. Thankfully I'm at a point where I'm leveled enough that I can go wreck some shit in most of the earlier story missions in each expansion to break up the monotony of level grinding (I'm at 85) and get a bit of cutscenes and plot progress. The hump from like levels 20-60 was rough (and lasted forever) in terms of monotonous scenery and activities–seriously fuck limit break quests–since you weren't really powerful enough to do anything story-related on your own. Also extremely grateful for all of quality of life updates I get to play with now, as the thought of having to take a real-time ferry or airship ride any time I wanted to go between locales sounds like a personal nightmare.

    The base game's storyline was trash, but the 4 chapters of the Chains of Promathia I've done so far are already amazing, from characters to plot points, soundtracks, and locales. Between this and FF14, why has post-2000 Square-Enix been so much better at fleshing out plots for their MMOs than they are for their single player experiences? Is it simply because they have more time to world build over weeks/months/years with patches than they are with a normal development timeline?

    Vana'diel is such an interesting Final Fantasy world. It feels much different–maybe more mature?–than the "usual" FF setting, even though it's got all of its usual hailings like crystals and moogles and chocobos. It's also interesting to note the elements that were passed down to 14, from the nation-state settings to monster designs like diremites and goobbues.

    Realizing a month in I should've just started a blog about this and called it Oh No She Vana'don't.
  8. I think they said there were two big updates on the way and also that they were releasing a standalone version.
  9. Is Dissidia worth getting in the end? I saw some mixed reactions so I wonder if it is good or not.
  10. From the impression I get, it's very multiplayer focused, so if you're interested in that it's worth it. If you're more interested in single player I think it's probably only worth getting for cheap.
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  11. So I just impulse bought FFXII what do I need to know?!
  12. The job combinations and license tiles.
    I'll edit with more info in a little while.
    Okay, license boards; you need to know a couple of things about them:
    a. All skills are being unlocked on license boards. Characters do not share progress, so if you unlock something for one of them, you will still have to unlock it for any other character.
    Once you unlock a tile, you gain access to the tiles immediately surrounding it.
    Since some (all?) characters start out with some skills already unlocked, it is to your benefit to associate them with a job whose license board contains those skills. Why? Because then they will be unlocked on the license board and you will have more unlocked tiles on it, thus navigating more freely in it.

    b. I am not sure I remember this correctly, but I think that two characters sharing the same job/license board are chasing against each other for the limit breaks (quickenings) that are unlockable in it. Since each character needs to have all three limit breaks available to him, it is preferable to pick different jobs for your characters so that they don't overlap and potentially miss out on any.

    c. Once you unlock a summon with one character, that tile disappears from all other license boards of all players. This is crucial because that way you may lose access to skills that are important to you. (The same may be true for quickenings but I do not think so, and I do not remember.)

    d. You are allowed to access two jobs with each character. Some jobs work better together because their skills stack (for example certain combinations allow you the maximum number of bonus HP or attack power possible).

    e. These were my combinations, but they are not the only valid ones:
    archer/red battlemage - fran
    machinist/black mage - balthier
    shikari/bushi or shikari/foebreaker - vaan
    monk/white mage - penelo
    knight/time battlemage - ashe
    uhlan/foebreaker or uhhlan/bushi - basch
    I had picked them because I thought they made the most sense in terms of characters and also each combination was solid. I am unsure about Vaan and Basch. I do not remember which combination I had gone with for each of them, but I remember it was the wrong one in the end, dd.

    Here is all the info and the license board maps:
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  13. Done @_hazzie_ ! Also, you need to know that you shouldn't invest on the story too much (it is a bit of a mess), the summons are useless and you are better off fighting without them, and you probably should use a map to navigate through the Great Crystal towards the end of the game, unless you like labyrinths.
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  14. Some things to keep in mind when picking jobs for each character: try aiming for 3 "Swiftness" skills on each character (there are a lot of combinations that allow this). Also, combining jobs that use two different types of armour instead of the same is preferable. Otherwise you're basically wasting the repeat slots. And I'd suggest going for all 12 different jobs instead of having repeats. It's more fun that way.

    And don't listen to @Chris_P's lies. The story is great.
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  15. And I wouldn't call the summons useless. They're pretty useful in some situations.

    Another thing is, keep in mind that when you have a guest character in your party they steal their share of exp, so your permanent party members end up getting less.
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  16. Wow thanks for the in-depth replies guys! I’m excited to get playing, I’ll report back!
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  17. Funny thing about summons. I collected them all but I barely used them - not that I found them useless, its just I found it more fun playing with the characters. I don't think I even used the espers that come later in the story or optional. I had fun beating them, thats for sure.
  18. Pretty meh. I bought it when it came out and really enjoyed for a week or two and then just ended up back in FF14 before I knew it. If the DLC characters are good I might get back into it, but the game's really light on content unless you're obsessed with eSports play.
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