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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

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  2. y a s I love all FFXIV collabs.
  3. Final Fantasy 14 is the best Final Fantasy since 9 (don't @ me!!!). I canNOT wait for the new expansion.

    Also, for anyone who doesn't like playing with others, they're introducing the Trust system from FFXI into 14 which lets you take AI party members into dungeons instead of humans. Absolutely recommend, the game as a whole has been an incredible story experience.
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  4. Oh, and if we really do get Dancer as another new class this expansion, my gay ass will die.
  5. [​IMG]

    OK I am 100% getting the SEA version because the US/EU version has that ugly as fuck white download exclamation box! Gross!
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  6. I'm about to tackle Big Hero 6 and I think Tangled has been the best world thus far. The Caribbean is the only true weak point for me. I just couldn't fuck with that last ship battle and ended up needing to go crab hunting just to make it to the Kraken dddd.
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  7. Tangled has been my favourite but WIG at the Pirates Keyblade teebs. My fave. Feeling like Latrice with the Storm Flag. Love stomping around Big Hero 6 with it.

    Anyways the game is serving me Neon Genesis Heartsvangelion atm, gagged.
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  8. but where is my halloween town " x____x rawr *____* "
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  9. well its over.
  10. Tangled and Frozen were surprisingly the highlights for me. I thought I would've dreaded Frozen. Besides the unnecessary Let It Go scene I love the interaction Sora has and what gets revealed in the level/directly after.

    Can we talk about how Larxene goes off on Demyx and shows disgust towards Xemnas first thing? Ballsy.

    Big Hero 6 makes me want to put the game down. Trying to speed through that.

    Do you return to worlds in KH3? Just curious. Would google- don't want any spoilers.
  11. I just finished the Pirates and in proud mode it was the first part I found too difficult. I had to hunt soooo many crabs to make my ship good enough to get past the big ships battle before I moved onto the two boss fights.

    The gameplay is great and I really love all the improvements and how chaotic it is. And the visuals are stunning but some of the worlds are a little too...barren. Particularly Adrendelle which felt like it went on forever.
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  12. Yeah that last ship fight (I'm assuming y'all mean the one where the barrage of ships keep vanishing and appearing right next to you and you have to guard for your life) took me a few tries to beat. My ship was like Level 5 or 6, don't remember. I couldn't be assed to hunt crabs specifically, I just ended up getting whatever was around when I was exploring for chests and EXP.
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  13. carribean is horrible - its a real challenge not to skip the cutscenes...

    i also get now why they mainly focused on pixar movies. they work so well with the artistic direction of the game... it really feels like you are in these movies. hercules in comparison feels a bit odd.

    also, while i know that the plot might already be explored, halloween-town would have been really cool!
    its the only disney movie besides the pixar movies that has "3d animation" and therefor would be easy to incooperated and still feel very special/different from the other worlds. (theme, textures,etc.)
  14. The Disney storylines have low key been so redundant and annoying as hell this go around.

    I’ve actually stopped right before Big Hero 6 still because I’m getting that weirdly detached “well it’s over” feeling. I may try to knock it out this week and finish the game over the weekend, anyone know about how much more I have to get through after Big Hero 6? I’m trying to avoid spoilers as much as possible.
  15. Also this casual reference to perhaps the best series ever has me gooped.
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  16. My brother is playing it and I watched a bit of the very end, and it was so annoyingly linear and pointless it hurt.
  17. The final run-up actually has a good bit of time I think after your last like..."Disney" world, like there's a lot of plot to get through and a couple of other gaggeries to get through before the end. It was really fun and some of the most interesting visually done stuff. The final battle run, like...UGH I want to explore there but alas I'm given just a taste.
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  18. Ardyn's anime will premiere at Kutsucon 2019 on February 16th. Hopefully it will be available on Youtube soon after that.

  19. So... it's a prologue of the dlc episode? Or is it no longer a dlc episode?
  20. There is a DLC coming in March but they said on that doomed active report they are making an animated episode that will showcase Ardyn's past, hence why they are calling it prologue.
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