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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I think that the reasoning behind wasting any kind of resources producing animated films is probably the oddest aspect of the entire 15 situation. Surely recreating the same scenes in-game would be cheaper/faster?
    Appreciated that they give us some backstory for a key character though, can't complain about that!
  2. I am not a game developer but I always thought they are doing this type of animation because its cheaper. I'm not talking about the Kingsglaive but an anime that was Brotherhood, and I think the same devs who made that are doing the prologue now.

    Regarding Kingsglaive though, I guess we will never know if this was made because it was planned from the beginning or Tabata's team were so pressed with deadlines that Square decided to split the story that way (and make more money of course).
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  3. I would like them to put down the XV and step away tbh.
  4. They already did, everybody can relax.
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  5. Exactly. It will all be officially over by March but the devs haven't been doing anything with FF15 for a while now, they have moved on.

    Many fans are actually excited about Ardyn's episode so I'm glad they are going through this at least. However, I would like to know whether they will do what they said on that report, that they will show the cancelled DLCs in some other way. I'm not holding my breath for that one but who knows.
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  6. Ardyn's DLC will finally make me go back and play them all plus platinuming the game.
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  7. It would be great if Paul would voice Ardyn in anime but I presume it will be subtitled just like Brotherhood was. He really did an amazing job, everything that came out of Ardyn's mouth sounded so cool and playful, without him the character wouldn't be half as fascinating.
  8. Currently in panic mode debating if I should preorder the $200 collectors edition of the new FF14 expansion in 20 minutes.
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  9. I was originally worried about this but after seeing Stormblood collectors editions still available, I wasn't so worried. I'm gonna be honest, they really burned me on the Heavensward one but this one does look good and since my collectors is in PS4, I'll just get it in that later to have all of them because I am a moron.
  10. Yeah I’m just ahead of you. I’m almost finished at Big Hero 6, which is kind of a let down and really short. But I’ve heard the Keyblade Graveyard and the last place whatever it’s called are huge highlights to play I’m excited to move on to them.

    I’ve heard the last few battles are really hard so I’m worried I’ll struggle to finish the game in Proud.
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  11. I have actually barely touched KH3 since I'm still playing Tales of Vesperia and I want to beat it before I move on to KH3. I'll just say I'm really hoping the final boss sequence isn't a really long string of like 7 different battles, because that was a real chore in previous games and I'd rather not have to go through the same thing again.
  12. I plan on getting back to KH when I find the time so in the meantime I tried to gather all the requirements for the secret endings in the series. Is this it? Please correct me if I missed something. I'll put it in spoiler tags in case someone doesn't want to know:

    Birth By Sleep:

    Blank Points secret ending:

    Standard Mode
    Complete the Reports Section and the Final Episode.

    A Fragmentary Passage secret ending:

    Standard Mode
    Complete the Final Episode, complete the Sticker Album with Terra, Aqua, and Ventus, and obtain the Keyslinger trophy.

    Kingdom Hearts 2:

    The Gathering secret ending

    Standard Mode
    Complete Jiminy's Journal.

    Birth By Sleep secret ending

    Standard Mode
    100% completion of Jiminy's Journal, 100% completion of Gummi Routes (includes getting S rank on all regular missions, S rank on all EX missions, and collecting 100% of all treasures), and get the Gold Crown.

    Dream Drop Distance

    Another Guardian of Light secret ending

    In order to unlock Another Guardian of Light, the questions asked by Roxas, Ventus, and Xion after the defeat of the Armored Ventus Nightmare must be answered respectively:

    Losing something that's important.
    My close friends.
    To recover something important.

    In addition, a number of trophies must be obtained;

    Standard Mode
    Seven trophies or more.

    Looking at all that, I wish I was more skillful so I could play it on Critical Mode and not bother with this but since I sometimes struggle on Standard, I doubt I'd be any good haha! To be honest, I still might not do all this.
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  13. This playthrough of KH3 has made me realize how the robust post-game content is the best thing about the series. I still haven’t cleared everything from KH2 Final Mix, and I’m hoping this one has a similar amount of content.
  14. Teasing the premiere of... an anime prologue... for a DLC... for a three year old game...

    That's so SE ddd
  15. At least it's not an announcement of an announcement.
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  16. That's it. They're easy enough to get in Birth by Sleep and Dream Drop Distance, but I wouldn't bother with the KH2 one - getting 100% on Jiminy's Journal and the Gummi routes is a huge grind, not to mention very difficult. Best to just watch it on Youtube after you beat the game.
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Omg I’ve only just seen this, FF16 is right here! Don’t leave this as just a demo.
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  19. the demo is so impressive - yet i am not really intrigued by the artstyle/setting/characters....they all look a bit generic, rpg by numbers
  20. I cannot stand the ship combat in the PotC world. It's driving me crazy and I can't finish the world because of it! Too hard!
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