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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I really need to finish KH2.5 and 2.8 so I can get around to KH3 before all my friends decide to spoiler it for me.
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  2. After the slog of Pirates of the Caribbean and the disappointment of Big Hero 6 the game really picked up with the post Disney levels. I've not gone to the final location yet but I will hopefully get it completed tonight.

    However the Disney worlds in this game were low key a disgrace. They offered nothing to the story and felt like exercises in wheel spinning for the vast majority of the time. I don't think I watched a single cut scene from Frozen to Big Hero 6. . .
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  3. I finished Kingdom Hearts III and the plot is honestly so much worse than I prepared myself for.

    I'm truly mad at how horribly Kairi gets treated once again. It's insulting!
  4. Today is FFVIII's 20th anniversary and I'm not seeing any news at all about a reboot,remaster,port, anything.

  5. I didn't even know that, not seen it mentioned anywhere. Poor VIII really is the black sheep of Final Fantasy.

    Though maybe we'll still get something through the day? It's still morning in Japan and not even the 11th yet in the US.
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  6. Square: "Meh, we can wait until 25."

    *Square at 25*

    "Meh, we can wait until 50."
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  7. I seriously don't get why they are like that towards VIII. Even if its not their favorite, they could have still done something for 20th anniversary. I mean, yes, many fans complain about it and say its their worst FF but I think there is same or similar amount of fans who adore the game. I'm still hoping they will do something but I actually think they won't. In the words of Squall ... Whatever.
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  8. Part of it is probably down to SE losing the game's original code I guess. I don't really know much about the technical side of videogame development, but I do wonder if, even in that situation, there wouldn't still be other ways remaster the game somehow.
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  9. Big Hero 6 was indeed a bit of a chore to get through, and actually kept me from finishing everything up this weekend. The last stretch though...I’m in the labyrinth and I’m gagged? The game completely opens up after the Disney worlds.

    The game really would have benefited from a Birth By Sleep approach to the storytelling, where the Disney content is supplementary rather than the focus for the bulk of the early game. Even Twilight Town felt like a welcome diversion despite being fairly inconsequential. The game is a fucking thrill to play, but I imagine I’ll skip all cutscenes until the endgame on every subsequent play through ddddd.
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  10. Could they not reverse engineer a physical copy of the original FFVIII CD? I don't know anything about coding but I figure all they need would be on that? I can't imagine there's any important coding that's housed only at Square when there was no internet connectivity on the PS1.
  11. I mean highkey they cobbled together KH1 after losing that, they could do it.
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  12. IIRC, the same thing happened with them losing the FF7 code, but they deemed it worthwhile enough to rebuild for the Steam/PS4 port. FF8 is a bit more controversial/unpopular so I don't think they view it as a priority, which is unfortunate because it's still the most important FF in my heart.
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  13. if they could make three XIIIs they can do this. Also for that matter put all the original versions of the NES and SNES FFs on the Switch you cowards
  14. they should rename this into cutscene hearts 3
  15. Well, so much for that. I can't believe SE didn't even at least acknowledge it on Twitter or something.
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  16. You just know we're going to get the ugly ass iOS versions ddd


    (Except the 3D Final Fantasy IV - I like that one.)
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  17. Also, I've now reached Arboria for the second time in Dragon Quest XI and... they did that. What a game this is shaping up to be.
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  18. Yeah, its actually sad. Maybe they’ll do something for when it was the release for the rest of the world but again, I doubt it.
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  19. I mean if there was an entire series of the 3d FF games but with FFXV Pocket Edition graphics I wouldn't hate it. I probably will hate it but it'd be cute for a hot minute.
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  20. Could you not be a dream killer please
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