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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I really liked World of Final Fantasy a lot, I definitely rate it higher than some of the main-line games even. I'd been waiting for the Maxima DLC to get a price cut so I guess I'll finally get it. Not sure if I should just try out the new stuff in post-game or start a new game plus though.
  2. Where in the world is that Bravely game teased on Twitter 84 years ago?
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  3. I didn't even remember that anymore. It'd be nice it if got properly announced/revealed in one of the big conferences this year.
  4. I pray they do a Bayonetta and release the 2 games remastered onto Switch with the 3rd game following it. Please Nintendo!
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  5. Gay culture is quitting your Final Fantasy IX replay to finally retry X-2.

    Girls I...think my last recollection of playing this game was before I was dickmatized because it’s one hell of a gay ass good time. I can’t be bothered with the plot/getting 100% but the combat is a franchise high mark and the dresspheres are so much fun. It’s a JRPG dream. I’ve already sunk 10+ hours into it and I started after work on Monday dddd.
  6. Kind of annoyed they couldn’t just bring that to Switch as a f2p as well but werk successful new ip. I hope a sequel to Octopath comes to Switch eventually, the final true boss was epic.
  7. Should I start ANOTHER replay of x-2...mhmmmmm
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  8. I’ve been waiting for World of Final Fantasy to drop in price before getting it, so great to see it as low as £9.99.

    Should I get that and the Maxima DLC together? I’d have the full full game then right?
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  9. Yeah, you get a bunch of extra content with Maxima, so might as well get the Maxima edition to begin with.
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  10. Thanks! Although for some reason it seems as though you can only buy the Maxima edition for Xbox and Switch. For the PS4 you have to buy the regular game and the add on separately.
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  12. Damn, FF15 is really eating up the space on my PS4, hopefully I will have enough for Ardyn's DLC.

    So I have a question. When you buy the Royal Edition, does that take less space, are more things on the disc or is it exactly the same, as in you still have to download all the extra stuff? I'm just thinking about selling the game after Ardyn and if years from now I plan on playing the game again, I just buy the Royal Edition, IF it indeed takes less space on the PS4.
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  13. It's probably the same I think, because the data is all installed on the hard drive, regardless of its from a disc or from a download, so it probably doesn't matter which disc you have. It is annoying though, I'm pretty sure FFXV is the largest game on my HDD too.
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  14. Thats what I thought but I wasn't certain so that's why I asked. I guess that would have cost them too much to put everything on the disc but still... it sucks. Heck, maybe they planned to do it once those DLC's that got cancelled but who knows. This whole game had an unique situation to say the least.
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  15. No, the thing is, it doesn't matter if a game is if a game is a download or a disc, it always gets installed on the hard drive and takes exactly the same space, that's just how PS4 games work unfortunately. That's why it's better to have an external hard drive once you have a few games...
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  16. This is still quite incredible, isn't it.
  17. I love Florence's rendition so much and it actually fits perfectly with the main theme of the game. I also love Too Much Is Never Enough because its made especially for the game and it makes sense, even more after you finish the game, its actually very touching, it makes me think of the entire journey and especially the ending.

    I often wonder about the line "maybe Luna had it right" and "what I did that night".

    Actually, the entire OST is great as well. Ardyn's, Noct's, Luna's theme are great, Somnus, Love Lost, Valse di Fantastica, you name it. The whole finish of Dawn-Somnus Ultima-Dewdrops of Dawn-the Main theme of FF is pretty incredible as well, such a strong finale.

    Oh and lets not forget Prompto's main theme from his episode:

    Episode Medley from Comrades DLC is great because they mix all the main themes from Noctis, Gladio, Prompto and Ignis.
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  18. Too Much Is Never Enough is the one for me.
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