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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. You can’t go wrong with IX. Classic Final Fantasy atmosphere that pays homage to its roots while ushering it towards the future. The ATB battle system is also the most accommodating to newcomers due to the slower pacing of combat.
  2. You can't go wrong with IX unless you want to get bored by the slowest battle system in the history of ATB, I could play through Persona 5 twice during one FFIX battle etc. etc.
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  3. Girls. I have already put 22 hours into FF10.

    I truly have no life and my obsession with grinding shows it. I have a bad habit of spending like a 30-45 minutes in each new area, sometimes up to an hour, to grind AP points and fill out the Sphere Grid. I'm also not skipping any dialogue to get that full early 2000s voice acting experience.

    I've made it to the desert so far and had my first run ins with Ms. Cactuar ddd

    The game is great though.
  4. You should start with the amazing Final Fantasy XIII Remaster.... oh wait.

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  5. I wouldn't be opposed to a FFXIII remaster but I'm still waiting for VIII to get any love from Square Enix.


    Unless you meant FFVIII instead of FFXIII then tea sis!
  6. Currently having a grand ol' time on the snow mountain getting Game Overs because the dog enemy has a 10,000 evasion stat and puts my party to sleep.
  7. Ddd you're going through the game really fast.

    Tidus and Wakka are best to kill those enemies quickly.
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  8. I have had a whole weekend and nothing else to do. I'm like 35 hours in now and just made it to the place where this grand masterpiece of a song plays.

    Bless the devs for putting this in the area where I'm going to be grinding for Spheres forever.
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  9. I just got Doublecast on Lulu, might as well consider the game beaten at this point ddd
  10. Its great reading comments of people who first start FF. I remember the curiosity I felt while playing FF7 as a kid, a game I never heard of before and then freaking out when I got FF8 for my 9th or 10th birthday. Ah the good old days. I was so sad when when I realized I can't play 9 on the PC, this might be the reason why that game never truly won me over, I arrived late to the party.
  11. Okay but why did I voluntarily spend three hours playing Sphere Break yesterday ddddd.
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  12. Dark Aeons reading this

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  13. RJF


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  14. The 20th anniversary would be an amazing time to roll out some form of single player, offline (and streamlined) option to play through the entire story of the game + its expansions. They've already rolled out a lot of ways to play through it solo (the Trust system in particular), but it would be an absolute shame for the entire saga to be lost the annals of time when it inevitably goes offline. Easily one of the richest, purest encapsulations of the Final Fantasy aesthetic, from the story, world, and lore to the music.
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  15. The worst part of this game is not being able to skip cutscenes. Why didn't they add the option in this remaster? Why is there no save point/autosave seconds before every boss fight at the very least? Why must I suffer these 5+ minute cutscenes just to fight a 15+ minute boss fight again?
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  16. Looks like you made it to Yunalesca.

  17. I love how those who’ve played just know.
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  18. dddddddd. I beat her second try because I understood what the fuck was going on and adapted in time.

    I'm now distracted by the million sidequests that opened up to me when I got the Airship. Love playing Pokemon in my Final Fantasy to get those Arena items.
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  19. RJF


    Also... I thought they did give you the option to skip cutscenes in the remaster. Does it not pop up as an option if you pause? Or am I thinking of Xenoblade Chronicles?
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