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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I know he was changed for happy ending, I even expected the gang would fight the Astrals. I mean, even when Tabata was still involved, the description of Noct's episode went with the lines of "parting way with the Astrals" so I assumed they would defy their tragic fates.

    I don't even mind that everything is preordained or that Ardyn was betrayed since the main goal was to eradicate the Starscourge - I actually find this very interesting. BUT now it seems Bahamut is like a Bhunivelze, he simply wanted everyone dead because they dared to defy the mighty god.

    I mean, its not the worst idea I guess but we have seen that already in FF. Basically, if they only haven't said that Bahamut planned Terra Flare during the War of The Astrals, I would have been fine with everything. This part alone disappoints me the most.

    I would still like to read the full novel though, summaries never can give you the full picture.
  2. Oh I definitely want to read it too whenever they decide to release it (give us a date!), it's just so weird to think they were going to make the novel into DLC because it seems so wildly different from FFXV. I wonder if Square regrets saying no sequels because they probably could have worked this into a sequel.
  3. Yeah, those who read it say in some parts it is very obvious this was meant to be a game, especially in Aranea's story, you can just imagine epic boss fights. And especially the last showdown with Noct and the gang. I have a feeling they definitely will regret it but I am still baffled at no mention of English version. I mean, what gives? You released the game worldwide, its absurd you are restricting the continuation of the game, even if it is alternative. Plus, some of the parts are canon, like:

    - the relationship between Ardyn and Somnus is a bit more clear
    - Noct's reflection within the Crystal (that part is great even in the book, its a shame this wasn't a part of ch. 13)
    - more stuff on Luna, how she had a hard regime to become an Oracle, that is why she can fight. Haha, I have to say it cracked me up that the book says Luna is great at five finger fillet.
    - how Luna actually didn't know Noct will have to sacrifice - I always assumed she did so its good to know this.

    If this goes well I wouldn't be surprised if the sequel actually happens sometime in the future. I mean, I find it insane that there are rumors going on about eventual X-3 so I guess crazy things can happen.
  4. Me, impatiently refreshing Amazon's Final Fantasy X Switch page waiting for it to go on sale.

  5. Dddd good fuckin luck
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  6. Ddd didn't it just come out?
  7. Final Fantasy XII came out today on Switch and it's already discounted. Meanwhile, nada for Final Fantasy X.

    The frustration of it all. I just can't bring myself to pay $50 for it when the PS4 version is sitting right there at $16.
  8. Two weeks ago.
  9. I am amazed I am still alive and kicking in Critical mode in KH2, I even beat Zexion and Larxene in that absent sidequest.

    You’d think though I would get stuck at some boss fight but nooo, I struggle with the damn bike mini race in that Tron world. It took me forever to get through that haha!
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  10. Here is the list of the top 100 mobile games in Japan based on revenue in 2018.

    Plenty of things to consider:
    - FFXV A New Empire is the top FF game despite not being actually managed by Square Enix.
    - FF Record Keeper still going strong despite being 4 years old and visually archaic compared to other titles like FF Dissidia Opera Omnia.
    - The most graphically advanced FF, Mobius, is not in the top100, and neither is Kingdom Hearts Union X.
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  11. yaasssss come on Dragalia Lost!
  12. Granblue and Deresute in the top 15, the only games I care about and spend on YAS
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  13. Do we know if the Switch/X1 FF12 improvements were patched into the PS4 version?
  14. L o l
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  15. Here is the last part of Noct’s story if you are interested:

    All in all, its ok. It makes sense why so much in it screams FF13, I wouldn’t be surprised if the villain is the same in Versus that Nomura planned.
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  16. It wouldn't be that strange, they did add the Sky Pirate's Den months after the game was released so could have easily added these new features as well.
  17. I got the "RETURN TO IVALICE"-mail, had completely forgotten XII was set in Ivalice and... got my hopes up they were porting FFT or putting out a new one in that series fff.
  18. Apparently we're getting a FF-related announcement tomorrow in the Playstation direct and it seems like it might be Chocobo related... Come through Chocobo Racing remake

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