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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. So happy with this! Really hope that they will include some more Sakimoto tracks from XII or Tactics.
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  2. New FF7 Remake footage!!

  3. Looks alright! (I wish they'd just drop the 'Remake" from the title though and just let it stand alone as FF7 a la Halloween 2018 like we all know what it is lol)
  4. I think it's looks potentially very good. If they can capture the magic of the characters and plot and stay faithful to the gameplay but bringing it smoothly into ~2020, it could be a spectacular play.
  5. Well, I get why they don't simply call it FF7 when the original FF7 is still getting released on new platforms.
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  6. “Remake” just seems too on the nose and it’s bothered me for years
  7. How am I supposed to cope with Biggs’ death when he’s an absolute babe?
  8. FINALLY something, it looks great! And i'm sure we will find out a lot more on E3.

    The one thing I noticed and was surprised to see is that Cloud looks lost and confused when Aerith gives him the flower. I always felt Cloud was cocky and full of himself during that mission because he was fully acting like Zack.
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  9. Oh my god we did it girls. I've watched the trailer like 10 times and Biggs can totally get it
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  10. this is really happening, isnt it?
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  11. Well at least it's not Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Part I.

    I hate not knowing if it's going to be the full game or just the first part honestly. Hard to get excited if it's just part one and we'll have to wait ages for more.
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  13. As long as the game is great, I really don't mind this being a multiple release. If they end up expanding and enriching the story, I'm all for it. I really doubt they will wait until Remake is out to announce FF16, I'm sure we will hear about it before then.
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  14. Square Enix in 2019 ain’t enriching any story.
  15. Well, at the very least they're probably going to "enrich" it through a slew of light novels/audio dramas.
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  16. SE have admitted already they announced the game way too soon, I doubt they really had done any substantial work on 2015 and 2016 and even if they did, apparently most went to trash after they cut ties with Cyber company. No one would complain about the release date if they just kept their mouths shut.

    If they are indeed planning on multiple releases, it really is safe to assume they will make a bigger story out of it with more details. Even if we just consider the size of the locations, all the NPCs. I wouldn't mind if they add some of the Zack's story in it because that backstory in FF7 was very short. More on Jenova would also be nice, that part with Aerith's mom talking about Cetra on those videotapes is interesting.

    There are so many ways they can explore the story even further and that is exactly what I expect with multiple releases.
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  17. Run up to launch? Could this mean they are actually organized and they have a plan and release date in mind? I wouldn't sound this surprised if aren't talking about SE haha!
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  18. Y’all I got Final Fantasy XIV (yes I’m aware I still need to finish X-2 and XII), and I’m feeling a bit aimless at the moment. I’m only at level 13 but I’d like some thoughts on what to do for the early game besides the general quests that pop up.
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  19. With the remake being episodic I wonder how many people will just play the first one and then wait for the inevitable compilation at half the price. And if the first part does end in escaping Midgar I wonder how many people will get later episodes at all. Let’s be real that’s the best part.
  20. Does anyone color-coordinate their character's equipment on FFTA/TA2 to a T or is it just little old faggy me
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