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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I highly doubt I have to put this in spoilers at this point dd (about a scene in FF7), but you never know...
    With how detailed and ethereal Aerith is in the remake, her death is going to be absolutely - even more - traumatic, isn't it? Ready to sob.
  2. The final scene with the fire and Sephiroth must be from the Nibelheim-flashback? Which means the first part doesn't end in Midgar, or they've moved the flashback from Kalm into Midgar somehow.
  3. I really need to get around to actually beating FF7 before the new one comes out ddd
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  4. Just focus on the Main Story Quests for now. Once you get to Level 30 or 35 I believe you can finish up your Class Quests and then begin your Job Quests (It was a slightly different setup 2 years ago when I started so I could be slightly wrong). The game will really open up for you when you reach level 50 in terms of extra dungeons, trials, and more that you can do.

    For now, though I'd just continue to level and do the MSQ. There's not a ton that can't wait until you're a bit more leveled up to do.
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  6. Thought I'd add to the list. (I'm still waiting for that discount dddd)
  7. Awesome to see them keeping up the streak they started with The Quiet Man.
  8. I know, right? The fact that those two games did get released but the Final Fantasy XV DLC and this new RPG got cancelled. A mess. It really makes you wonder what the hell is going on behind the scenes, because you never see other big companies releasing games that end up with like a 20-30 review average.
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  9. Daring to cancel projects can be a sign of quality control, but it certainly looks messy.
  10. It is already “dead” but it is fair to translate the novel for a game that was released worldwide, regardless if the content is good or bad. I’m glad that they stayed true to their word.
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  11. Unrelated to that announcement, but I've noticed a new wave of FF mangas and novels coming to my local comic book store in Dublin. Hopefully this new move will get us a lot more material.
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  12. Little by little all the characters in Dissidia NT are getting third outfits. Out today:


    And coming in early June:

  13. So I remembered that I hadn't put Theatrhythm onto my new phone (had to remove it from my old one for space) and was devastated to see it's been removed from the App Store. Does anyone know why? It was so much fun.
  14. There's always the 3DS version.
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  15. Yeah, that's true. I was just trying to be a cheapskate about it haha but I'll definitely look into it.
  16. Put my old laptop music on shuffle and Deja Vu from the world ends with you soundtrack started playing. What a fabulous game that was.
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