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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. You only need to complete the sticker album on Proud, reports have nothing to do with it in this game. Even if you were playing on normal it'd just be the stickers + beating 9999 enemies. I'm not sure if you actually need to apply the stickers or not, but it only takes a few minutes anyway so might as well do it, the game lets you know if you put them in the right places too so it's not hard at all.
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    EDIT: Something else that was said:

    I really wouldn’t be surprised if they do end up remaking FF6 eventually in the future because it made an impact. I would love to see FF8 but I know it sounds like crazy talk haha. However, I do think they know FF8 is loved by the fans so you never know.
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  4. So we're getting a live-action adapation of FFXIV... that should be interesting.

  5. This might be quite good... but also trash.
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  6. BTG


    I mean, FFX is right there. Easily the most translatable game into a different medium.
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  7. I get that, but I think it's a lose–lose situation to try to translate any of the FF games that people are fervently devoted to to film.

    I think 14 is a great jumping off point just because Eorzea is just so broad and already fleshed out lore–wise that it's easy to set up quick vignettes that thrill fans without changing a story they love while also appealing to more general fantasy audience.
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  8. So I bought FF7 to replay on my Switch after the E3 remake hype, and I... missed...The Honeybee Inn entirely? I absolutely don't remember it being optional (and the way the aggressive fans talk about how it must be in the remake made me think it was a lot more significant than it was).
  9. Can’t decide if it’s daddy issues, nostalgia or pure stubbornness that has Sora’s clown shoe crushing my windpipe but she’s playing Kingdom Hearts 3 on critical mode. There’s a sharp mechanics curve (I got one shot by the first boss) but I’m kind of living for the preciseness of it all? It helps that I’m skipping every post-opening cutscene until Miss Aqua shows up. I hadn’t even realized they added an option to turn off attraction commands but yes Square, disembowel your release day edition and give me the action RPG I deserve.
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  10. Oof.
    Good luck getting through that , cause boy is it a chore
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  11. I personally stopped and never finished it. Its just so boring and repetitive, like a carbon copy of the original. Not sure why they even decided on a sequel if they didn't have an idea for a decent new story.
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  13. I'm already gagged by Shadowbringers, UGH. The new music! The new locales!
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  14. ^I really can't imagine it but it would make the Remaster a Day 1 purchase for me.
  15. When I first saw this I thought was "oh, so the remaster has Japanese voices too, nothing to get excited about", then it clicked that FF8 actually had no voice acting to begin with ddd

    Poor FF9 getting a straightforward remaster while FF8's gets all this extra work put into it though
  16. The same thing almost happened actually

    Considering how badly they treated FF8 over the years I think it deserves a bit of extra attention haha!
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