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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Also this, apparantly a physical edition is coming. Considering the price is 50 pounds, maybe it will really have voice acting and some other things as it seems too expensive if it has just minor improvements. However, this might be just a placeholder price for now.
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  2. Now let's ruminate whose dulcet tones would be the most suitable for the iconic "Whatever."
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  3.'s gonna be Troy Baker, isn't it.
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  4. Considering how 2 guys from Teen Wolf are the 2 main voices in FF7 remake, I would say Tyler Posey is a lot more likely.
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  5. I still can't get over the fact that the iconic Whatever is actually Sorry haha! I know I read somewhere Rinoa also doesn't call him meanie when she gets angry at Squall but I can't remember which word is in japanese.
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  6. Dancer is so much fun. I did the first 2–3 MSQ quests, but I've decided I'm going to level up Dancer first and run it as that instead. I really just want to get to endgame with it so I can start creating glamours for it.
  7. RJF


    I... can’t at Final Fantasy VIII potentially getting the cute, contemporary 2019 glow up that both the games that flank it deserved far more. Voice acting? How did the actors get through the script from Disk 3 onwards without bursting blood vessels from laughter?
  8. I've been playing through X again the last couple of weeks, and I just got to the point on Gagazet when you watch Yuna's sphere. I've literally known the plot of this game for like 15 years how they gonna fuck me up like this?
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  9. I'm charging on ahead with my Black Mage, I'm only at like lvl 71. Can't wait to hit the first quest that I'm not leveled for and have to grind out FATEs.
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  10. Guess I’m gonna have to buy FF14 all over again because squeenix terminated my account for some reason.

    It’s been a while so I don’t reallly remember what could have happened but I’m guessing I might have gotten a chargeback and forgot to stop my subscription when I didn’t have money or something. I was going through a move around the time I stopped playing so that’s what I’m leaning toward. I emailed support anyway since my character is still active on the lodestone but I’m not holding my breath.
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  11. So far every minute of Shadowbringers has been emotionally traumatizing but whew, this bop of a boss theme.

  12. Whew, when the vocals start 30 seconds in.

    I haven't played since Heavensward, and damn those HP/MP/damage numbers ddd, and only at level 71.
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  13. I'm taking the plunge and bought FFXIV complete collection.

    *waits for 2 weeks to make a character on Tonberry so I can play with other Aussies*
  14. I gave up on Tornberry.
  15. Hope you enjoy it, @BEST FICTION. XIV has an infamously slow start, but every minute is so worth it. Take your time and enjoy the world.
  16. What server did you end up joining?
  17. I ended up in Kujata cause that's another Aussie heavy server.
  18. I'm replaying X and trying to get the celestial weapons. I swear i'm going to go on a chocobo murdering spree trying to get a time of 00:00:00 in the race..
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  19. I don’t remember this being such a pain when I was younger but my boyfriend was recently working toward all the celestial weapons and it was actually rage inducing? I gave it multiple tries and couldn’t even get below 10 seconds dddd.
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  20. All of those mini-games, even lightning and blitzball, are nothing compared to the dull luck sphere farming. It's soul-crushing.
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