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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Watching this video really helped me with the time.
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  2. This is the first time I’ve done it on the Switch version and it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. Kicking the Dark Aeon’s butts finally and without Zanmato was very satisfying. Farming for Dark Matter, now that I do not have the time for.
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  3. I 0:00 chocobo race is definitely a huge pain but with some practice and luck it can be done. I have done so many tries across the various playthroughs of the game I've done over the years, I pretty much have the whole thing memorised ddd
  4. Me: Hi

    Everyone in Shadowbringers:
  5. I've seen this before and I swear my birds move differently

    edit omg I did it, 1 bird, 15 balloons 36 seconds ddddd I need to go outside now
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  6. Any advice on how to beat Terra-Xehanohrt in Birth by Sleep? I am not bad at blocking bit its annoying it doesn’t always work even when I know I pressed square correctly. I always get him to 2 bars but he always beats me. Its also super annoying that his string of attacks continue right after I hit him, he acts like nothing happened so its difficult to block.

    Any advice on Deck? I think I will try putting spells next time.
  7. Which character are you using?
  8. Terra and I am Proud mode.
  9. I never played on Proud mode, but I remember using the best attack skills plus a couple of heals at the end usually made for a good deck. I can't really remember the specifics anymore though.
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  10. I wasn't playing on proud but for me it was more useful to have most of my skills based on cure spells/items and then depend on my own physical attacks and blocking to beat him.
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  11. I have to reach Heavensward to become a Level 30 Astrologian.

  12. They fixed this kind of shit in later expansions but yes, that was a cause of furor.
  13. Yeah I learnt the hard way. Became a Level 50 Scholar, and I was like ok girls, gimme a sec lemme get my new job.

    And... nothing. Googled it and saw that Astrologian is Level 30, started to panic thinking that I wasted time leveling Scholar. Then learn that I can't even get the job until the next expansion which I can't even access until I've finished Level 50 main stories. Meanwhile my friend I'm playing with went from Dragoon to Samurai as soon as they hit Level 50 and remained Level 50 because it's a fucking Level 50 job.


    I want a refund.
  14. You when you finally get to Ishgard.

  15. The twists and turns in X-2 are honestly such a gag. Yuna when you first run into Bahamut underneath Bevelle.
  16. Replaying Kingdom Hearts 3 on Critical and even though you have to be more tactical with the enemies my god it is such a slog. Cutscenes every time you move five yards, the Disney worlds feeling absolutely pointless and literally nothing of importance happening until the last few hours of the game.
    I can see why it divided the fanbase. Also why do the CGI scenes actually look better in 1 and 2.
  17. Got to the credits in FFXIV, that dungeon was a fucking scream.

    @eliminathan, myself & my friend had never done it before and didn't sign up to ride Magitek and no one in our 8 person party told us we were meant to do that, so we wandered around for literally 10 minutes figuring out what to do dddddd. A fucking MESS.

    Then when we finally finished that hour long cutscene, I was ready to get into the next expansion and get my Astrologian! But... you have to defeat every primal before you even reach Ishtar.

  18. Dockkfkdksdkkfkd not you and I having the same mech story.
  19. When we finally figured it out and had to watch an unskippable cutscene... When that cutscene ended and we were thrown into another unskippable cutscene & fight which means our team probably were waiting for us that entire 10 minutes we were lost. At that point I was happy to make them suffer since most of them were English speakers and ignored our cries for help.

  20. Those cutscenes used to be skippable but it’s forced on anyone now, it’s why the benefits for it are much larger than they used to be. So they were stuck watching the same ones.
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