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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I think in some aspects it's just that limitations are more obvious in this one. FFVII precisely benefits from having simpler models, so the contrast is not so jarring, but I think IX looks just as bad as VIII in terms of background vs models. By the way, the shots when certiain characters look much worse are in cases when those figures are actually drawn over the background, they are not 3D models.

    The Digital Foundry analysis goes over the cutbacks, like worse performance than in PS1 that produces input lag in the menus, no analog movement, and no rumble.
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  2. I think some of the reviews on Steam I have seen are a bit unfair, its like they expected a remake and not a remaster.

    By the way, according to modders, it looks like changing backgrounds is highly unlikely as the structure of the files is a bit more complicated in this remaster.
  3. I’m replaying the best Final Fantasy, IX on Steam at the moment and oh my god the Moguri mod really brings the game to life again! So glad I can appreciate these stunning background in HD now.

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  4. Sksksk the mod community doing a better job at remastering than the scammer Square-Enix.
  5. Right? Truly the new EA
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  6. I was just looking it up the other day, I considered buying it on Steam actually. That is a must right, you have to have a Steam version?
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  7. Square Enix thinking they could just blur all the FF8 backgrounds is a SCREAM
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  8. And we still bought it.

  9. Are the backgrounds worse than they were in the latest versions of FF7 and FF9 or something? Because all three games have around the same price, and those two didn't even have the remade character models, so I don't really get what the issue is.
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  10. I read an analysis that said FF8 has worsened backgrounds since the PC port. I would link it if I could remember sksks
  11. It's been a long time since I played the game myself so I don't really remember, but it really probably is better to read up on the mechanics before you continue. I do remember I varied my team pretty often when I played it though, not sure always sticking to the same one is a good idea, and yeah I imagine using unevolved mirages isn't great either ddd
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  12. I mean it's not a huge deal but the mix of super-detailed character models with the blurry backgrounds looks pretty bad mostly in VIII and IX. VIII has the disadvantage that the images are less detailed than in IX for a start, and also some of the models were directly drawn into the background, which then in the remaster produces situations like this:


    It's just a wasted opportunity.
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  13. Yeah, as far as I’m aware it doesn’t work with anything else I’m afraid!
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  14. Crystal Chronicles launches 23/1/2020 and has a physical copy in Japan. Cross play online!
  15. Ok thanks. It is a shame mods aren't available for PS4.
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  16. I guess they never specified 2019, they just said "This Winter".

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  17. I just shivered.
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  18. Here is a new KH3 DLC trailer, I am just sharing, of course I didn't watch it because I still haven't started KH3:

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