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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I think I'll wait until there's an English version because hearing these characters Japanese voices after being used to the English ones for so long is too distracting.
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  2. So still no playable Kairi.

  3. Is this a common thing? I've only come across it in the game once so far, and it was in a screen you basically only spend 5 seconds in, so it seems like an oversight, especially when the character has a new model that shows up in the scene immediately before.

    I'm enjoying the game so far. I had totally forgotten how the junction system worked, but it's actually pretty easy to get the hang of and also fun, people do too much over it.
  4. Happens a handful of times throughout the game, but the Cid screenshot seems to be the one people keep posting. It's mostly pretty unobtrusive (slightly jarring more than anything), but there's a point in Deling City where you have to talk to a blurry black blob in a background if you want to win a rare card. That part was actually really confusing to me.
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  5. Coming December 5th!

    SE releasing three Final Fantasies, two Dragon Quests, Star Ocean, Trials of Mana, a Tokyo RPG Factory game and also the Kingdom Hearts DLC just between July 2019 and April 2020. Yas don't give the JRPG fans time to breathe.
  6. So the new game by the Bravely/Octopath devs is... an Apple Arcade exclusive

  7. Quiet honestly, I thought the instances where this happened were obvious twenty years ago.
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  8. WOW:

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  9. I'd... actually recommend not watching this? It looks great, incredible even, but it's like they're showing everything.

    And I'm still betting on Jessie, Biggs and Wedge ending up as playable characters.
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  10. Also, please choke me:

  11. Is it possible to die from hype? Because I am hyped
  12. Yeah, this looks really awesome.

    Of course, they're showing so many big moments from the original Midgar section off, that I have to make an obligatory "how is this going to last 40+ hours?".
  13. Tibb, I forget just how long the game does keep you in Midgar, so I’m less pressed than originally
  14. Looks like Tifa joins you in the dress acquisition section. Guessing you run into her on the way to Sector 5, instead of her already being in her dress on her way to Corneo?
    Or maybe they just edited it that way.

    I like the fact that President shows up as a hologram, it makes sense that doesn't come personally.
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  15. The trailer does a very good job balancing the footage of sequences taken from the original and giving a glimpse of new characters and situations. Also super happy seeing variety on tone/gameplay with the character of Don and the gym minigame.
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  16. Yeah, think I need to find a beginner's guide or something on YouTube. Google isn't yielding much results so far. I was actually trying to see if there was an official guide but no luck!

    I've been playing a lot of FFVIII in the meantime and am just in Deling. I was going to try for the Platinum but then read up on Omega Weapon - bloody hell, he's level 100 regardless of your own level? I think I was confusing him with Ultima Weapon. No wonder you get a completion certificate once you defeat him! I'm gonna give the Queen of Cards sidequest a go this time round too.

    New FFVII trailer is looking good. I definitely need to give it another watch as there is so much to take in! My only gripe is how the boss battle theme sounds but I suspect I will change my mind when I get my hands on the game! The Turks are looking great! I am hoping we get more of Reeve in the remake. I assume/hope we'll be seeing more of him as part 1 is Midgar only!
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  17. RJF


    I mean people keep talking about how much time you spend in Midgar at the beginning but... it's barely a quarter of the first disc? I'm curious as to how they're going to stretch it out into a satisfying game in its own right if that's the plan, but I really hope there's more past Midgar because I can't imagine how long they'll drag things out if that's how small they're making each part.
  18. The trailer looks great, but where's Red XIII?

    And I do agree a full game set in Midgar seems a bit much. It's a bit like The Hobbit getting turned into a trilogy.

    Anyway I'm obviously looking forward to the game, but I'd be more excited for it if I knew there was any sort of concrete plan/schedule for the other parts. With it being SE I wouldn't be suprised if part 2 only materialises in like 5 years.
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