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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. RJF


    I think the furthest they’ve shown is the Sector 7 pillar, so that’ll be why he’s not around yet.
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  2. I'm not ready to experience Jenova in all her glory. The parts where you're wandering around the Shinra building with all the blood streaks on the floor used to scare the crap out of me.
  3. I certainly think there's ways to rework elements of the narrative to take place in Midgar rather than the outside world to extend its playtime naturally, I just haven't seen any real evidence of that in the trailers (besides that we're obviously getting summons like Ifrit and Shiva earlier than in the original).

    I finished Midgar in <5 hours when I replayed the original this summer. The major beats boil down to reactor bombing #1, Sector 7, reactor bombing #2, Aerith + church, Don Corneo, plate crisis, and then Shinra raid, and they showed just about all of those in trailers so far. Was there stuff in the trailer that couldn't really fit into those (besides maybe those spirit things?).
  4. I mentioned this earlier I think, but they're only showing us the parts we already know because that's what sells the trailers.

    There will be tons of fetch quests and "hunts" and we will eat it up.
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  5. It looks fucking amazing, I just hope the gameplay backs it up.
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  6. Maybe. Though it's strange they've shown pretty much every single secondary character by now, but still not one of the party members. Still, I guess they would save some stuff since the game's still 6 months away.

    I'm just hoping there will be a be a lot more effort put in those than there was in FFXV, because the sidequests there (and any NPC interactions actually) were beyond weak.
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  7. I want good/fun side quests like in VIII and IX not just monster hunting like in recent FFs
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  8. I wonder what kind of lqqk Miss Cloud will be serving to get Don Corneo's attention.
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  9. If the game truly ends after the escape from Midgar, then we're going to be able to use Red XIII for approximately 2 battles, right? Gonna be strange getting him in the party for like an hour of gameplay.

    I know purists would be appalled, but I do hope they rework a bunch of the narrative flow.
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  10. That's half the reason I want them to, because the people that would get mad about it are the same ones getting pressed and distressed over the size of Tifa's boobs.
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  11. Main beats are likely to remain the same (perhaps with the exception of those spirit figures as you point out) though this trailer gives a nice glimpse into a larger role of the Avalanche missions, and even a brand new character in the form of an active SOLDIER member.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the game lets you go around Midgar doing side quests for its post-game content, justifying it in the story as a way for the main party to gather resources for their trip out of the city. Playing as Red XIII would be a big appeal for that. And considering everything yeah, it makes total sense that we won't get much footage of him -if any- in the trailers.
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  12. That is what I am hoping as well. The game is great but its not perfect, there are parts of the story that can be expanded on, characters more fleshed out. That is the point of the remake after all and not a copy/paste thing. I hope they don't make scenes optional like Zack's death for example. It is crucial for Cloud's development and yet you find out about it if you visit the manor again? That is not ok.

    I do wonder if they will keep the affection points part that change the date and Highwind scene. and whether they will keep being ambiguous and continue stupid fan arguing about Tifa and Aerith. I think they said that you will have plenty of opportunities to choose between answering to characters which sounds interesting.

    Oh I can't wait to see walking around bloody Shinra building, that was so creepy even then and it scared me as a kid. That and the damn snake in the swamp on the world map, I asked my brother to go through it haha!
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  13. Here is the entire playthrough of the demo in case you are interested:

  14. So glad to see they are keeping the goofy aspects intact, even the countdown clock is the same!

  15. The fight against Aps in the sewer is insane. Tifa is a powerhouse!

    One thing I'm confused about, as I never played XV, is how the AI controlled team members fight. Do they cure themselves?
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  16. The summons fighting alongside the rest of the team? FINALLY
  17. That is how it was in FFXV yes, they would heal themselves when you didn't use them. If I remember right, its been a while since I played it.
  18. It is really great:

    Tifa is FIERCE


    I'm not sure actually. I'd say they might just keep using physical attacks until you switch to them to use any ability or item.

    It would also fit with the classic mode they showed last night, in which the characters keep on attacking automatically and the player takes care of the input of commands when the ATB bar fills.
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