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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. It's such a good moment in Route B

    When they explain all the backstory.
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  2. Just got the laughing scene in the Final Fantasy X remaster...... dd. It’s even more dreadful than I remember.
  3. I become this meme, scene-for-fucking-scene, in order, any time this opinion gets voiced.

  4. Do we know roughly now long we'll have to wait between each FF7 "episode"? I'm worried we'll leave Midgar and be stuck knowing nothing for ages? And...will we have to pay £50 for each new instalment?
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  5. Knowing SE, probably like 5 years (though optimistically maybe 2 or 3? We really don't know at this point). And yes, since each game will be its own, complete thing. It makes more sense to think of them as sequels rather than episodes.
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  6. Final Fantasy VII Remake has been pushed back to 10 April.

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  7. pretendingtobeshocked.gif
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  8. At least it's only a month!
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  9. I know it’s not a Square game but I’m fully expecting Cyberpunk to be delayed now as well since both Avengers (which no one cares about) and FF7 both got delays today
  10. March is already so stacked I'm honestly not mad about it at all.
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  11. It begins.
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  12. Capcom learning that Resident Evil 3 will be out one week before Final Fantasy VII

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  13. I mean... thank god assets from FF7 leaked, otherwise I would have believed all they had done was the demo.
  14. Square Enix delaying a project?

  15. They realised everyone was waiting to buy Animal Crossing. Good move.
  16. BTG


    There’s something deeply messy about the Avengers game’s production and I love it. It’s seemed like a total misfire from the first frames shown.
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  17. I can't say I am not disappointed because I am counting the days but I can't say I am surprised either, with the way they delayed FF15 and KH3. At least it is just a month, unlike The Last Of Us 2. It is funny to read comments on Reddit, many are complaining for the fact they took vacation days for March haha!
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  18. March was already stacked with new releases. I think this is a good move, especially since I can now actually buy food during March now.
  19. Yep, I was counting the days too! I had my holidays booked too but am going to try and replay The Last of Us before Part II comes out instead.
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