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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Oh yeah, my bro and I plan to do that as well but maybe on higher difficulty this time. I think I might even replay the Midgar part in FF7 just so I can see all the things they changed.
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  2. Yeah, that seemed ridiculous since it’s not even a full game.

  3. It is a full game though...
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  4. Is it? I read people saying that it’s only part of the initial game’s story with the rest being released later.
  5. While it was a massive part of my childhood as my second venture into the series (after IX), I hadn’t actually ever finished VIII until last weekend. While the second half of the narrative is very


    It’s still an iconic game with probably my favorite summon system (despite Junctioning being a broken mess, I got Diablo early and basically steamrolled the game by maxing Demi draws) and a properly epic scope I don’t think they’ve recaptured effectively since X. And the soundtrack, sistren I remember enjoying it but we love a series peak. A particularly nice detail was how Edea’s theme would slowly seep into the arrangement during scenes where she would appear or the cast would be talking about her. The game low key peaks with the stretch of fighting in the Garden to unlocking Adel, but it was enough momentum to keep me perched to the end.

    I’m also forever grateful for the addition of the 3X speed, it was a bit of a kii rolling Selphie’s limit break and spamming The End.
  6. Yes but according to everything we have heard so far, its content is long like it is a full game, meaning it will take us hours to beat like every other FF game.
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  7. A friend shared a link about "Final Fantasy House" story that happened. I never heard of it before. I am surprised how much someone can be obsessed by something, its really creepy and actually sad.
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  8. Haha Cybrepunk is delayed to September. I am glad SE delayed FF7R for only a month.
  9. Me being perched for the Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC on Thursday after pre-ordering just so I could get the PlayStation theme early.

  10. I definitely want to play it, and I'll probably end up preordering today or tomorrow anyway, but I really don't understand how an extra episode, a few boss battles and some fluff features justify that price tag at all. Hopefully there's more to it than it seems.
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  11. To be fair it is 13 new boss fights and new playable characters alongside the story extra chapter and whatever story content they include. While that could amount to about 5 hours worth of gameplay I’m attempting to stay positive because I do think the other final mix reissues were worth an additional purchase.
  12. I'm watching Re:Mind footage and I'm at peace with not buying it until it ends up on sale. I have many other options for bosses I can't beat and the story content is... not worth it.
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  13. @aaronhansome @Rainbow Trousers I resubbed to FFXIV after getting the complete edition on sale during the holidays. Back when I first played was pre-Heavensward, so I was very excited to tuck into some new content only to find this 100 pointless quests of fuckery nonsense. Every time it tells me "Speak to Minfilia at X location"

    Only to then just teleport to some other city to talk to someone else ad nauseum. I'm almost at the end of this stretch, but Christ it's been a slog just let me go to all the new places.
  14. Try to take it in on pieces, sis!

    If it's any consolation / incentive, the final 2.x quests are incredible and really change the tone of the whole story.

    Think of what you're doing now as laying the foundation for everything to come. Tasks that seem banal and ridiculous now will reveal themselves to be incredibly important as the plot progresses. Every postgame quest in A Realm Reborn is building up to a very specific moment that changes everything. And I guarantee you will be gagged when that moment comes!
  15. Eh, new KH mobile game:

    So I guess in a few years we will get Re:Xehanort on PS4 just like any other mobile/different platform KH game. And I'm sure it will be important for the story. I still can't believe Birth By Sleep wasn't on PS4 from the beginning considering how important those characters are. Imagine playing just the main titles, you would be confused af. Not that I wasn't confused at times even if I played the full compilation haha!

    EDIT: From the translated Japanese Q&A, It also looks like 4 teams are currently working on KH so I guess more new titles will be announced eventually.
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  16. It looks like modders have figured out how to make backgrounds in FF8 Remastered less blurry and even the characters. I don't like everything they do but I might actually buy FF8 on steam and then put a few mods once everything is finished.

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  17. Birth By Sleep low key remains the best of the series and I’m so pissed they didn’t just fully flesh it out into a (at the time) PS3 entry. Enchanted Dominion in particular deserved to be explored in console form.
  18. Wait WIG at this peak Game of Thrones era gaggery. 30+ minutes of cutscenes and let me tell you my ass was hanging on every word. Whew.
  19. Agreed. It’s the only one of the sequels/spinoffs that had me invested. I checked out so often in the end half of 2 and Dream Drop Distance, after a quarter of the other games that weren’t DDD, and for all of KH3.
  20. Here we go again...

    I haven't played Remind yet but the story better not be a "TBC in the mobile game" kind of thing.
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