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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Where is this elusive FFVII demo that produced all the leaks? Has there been any mention of it since?
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  2. Dragon Quest 11 update:

    I forgot how much I hated the janky horse racing minigame. Am I really about suffer through this nonsense to achieve all of the accolades?

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  3. Oh, good to know they both look like trash! Aren't they the super deluxe special limited edition exclusives?
    edit: Just checked in the article.
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  4. Ok this thing would have been cute if it didn’t have a giant forehead.
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  5. the chocobo baby is super cute though?!
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  7. Is anyone else finding Red's updated look a little off? Right now he's giving me dog that has eaten a bee face


  8. Cait Sith looks snatched.
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  9. I finally got back into Kingdom Hearts 3 after all this time.

    I appreciate its enthusiasm for minigames, but whew I'm never voluntarily doing that bloody dancing minigame from Tangled again.
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  10. This looks like the area outside the Church in Sector 5. You can see the junk above Cactaur's health bar, you come here with Cloud and Aerith, and you fight Hedgehog Pies at the Church. It also leads to the big gate you use at the end of the game to get back into Midgar, so it makes sense that the sun would get through here.
  11. Dddd, it was my favorite out of all the mini-games. Although I'm still to play a single retro one.
  12. The Dragon Quest movie based on DQV is out on Netflix. It's charming although it's extremely rushed. You feel like you are watching the prologue of a movie and then you realize the movie itself just moves at a huge speed.

    Also THAT twist is really bizarre. Doesn't make me hate the movie but it is quite something. It is also not a great way to win over new audiences in the West.
  13. I agree, I liked dancing game a lot. Retro is meh though, I tried maybe 2-3, it gets boring very quickly. Flan mini game in Toy Box was hard for me. That sliding mini game in Frozen looks like a pain but hopefully it won't take me forever to get all the treasures.
  14. Ok I yelled
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  15. Maybe it’s because I’m still triggered by Ice Cream Beat but I actually loved all the mini games in 3 besides Verum Rex. Turning the Hundred Acre Wood into Bejeweled: Produce Edition is the kind of niche gay bumpkin content I signed up for.
  16. I have Dragon Quest XI for PS4--which I played for a bit and decided I didn't like--but wanted to see how it looked and felt on Switch, so I downloaded the demo. Am I a clown or is this game a thousand times more enjoyable on Switch? Between the speed-up feature, portability, and my decision to switch to Japanese voices, I almost want to double dip.

    Is it really worth that 80-hour time sink, though? The sis has Animal Crossing to think about next month and FFVIIR after that. It's gotta be worth it for me to jump.
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