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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I think FFX is the one you will most likely to enjoy as it has a great emotional story and interesting setting, and it is the last FF that is truly turn-based. With FFXII, the story is more political and it lacks emotional punch in my opinion, I honestly didn't care much about the characters, wherein with FFVIII I really did.

    FFX-2 is a bit different than FFX but its story is still ok and gameplay is really fun. I definitely disliked it when I first played it but my opinion has improved 2nd time around after I played the remaster.

    And yeees, more love for VIII! Not sure what it is about this game but it is still my number 1 favorite FF game, even after I played each entry except FFXI.
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  2. X/X-2 and XII are all fantastic games which are most definitely worth playing, but yeah, I'd go with X first as it's a lot more similar to the PS1 ones. Also, if you only played a bit of IX, I'd definitely recommend playing that as well, a remaster is available on mostly all modern platforms, and it holds up amazingly well for a PS1 game.
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  3. RJF


    X is a perfect game. The storyline is just outstanding.
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  4. Speaking of X, I'm reminded of how fucking amazing Tidus us. When he's standing with everyone in the chamber of the final fayth and says "but I want everything" ...oof. And those words being exactly what Yuna needs to hear at that moment to stop herself from making a fatal mistake?

    The perfect man.
  5. Oh, I never even appreciated Tidus at all. He was kind and considerate in the end, but only because he got caught in a situation where he had to rise to the occasion. He was kind of intolerable in every other way, and not even in an interesting manner.
  6. I’ve always been so sad at people not liking Tidus because I’m ALSO an annoying and earnest bitch with daddy issues.
  7. RJF


    Which is then mirrored with “I don’t like your plan. It’s stupid.” at the end of X-2. Their minds!
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  9. It's great, especially the combat system. It's like an old school RPG put through a modern filter, and it's also pretty similar to the Bravely games games, if you played those. I don't think it'll ever come out on the PS4, since it was published by Nintendo.

    Speaking of sales, pretty much all SE games are currently on sale on the Switch, including a bunch of Final Fantasies.
  10. It’s good but incredibly formulaic once you’ve played a few hours. The combat system is a fun bit of strategy though
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  11. If they mixed the combat, visuals, and music with an actual better story I'd call it a modern classic. Makes me hopeful for the sequel, though.

  12. Colosseum sounds cool!

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  13. I'm going to use all this time to really get into FFXIV. I'm up to level 27 but that has taken me nearly a year.

    Any advice on how to balance the story quests and the role-specific missions to obtain/upgrades abilities? Am I fine limiting myself to a single job for the entire A Realm Reborn? I'm a Conjurer from Gridania and I'm enjoying it a lot.
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  14. I played through Final Fantasy Type 0 HD over the last week, and I sure am whelmed!

    I definitely think I would've liked it more had I played it on a portable system (recently played Crisis Core too and thought it was a great experience on a PSP). It just seems too disjointed both cutscene and gameplay-wise when you're playing it on a big screen and console.

    Can't be bothered to play it a second time to get the rest of the story, but dove into the lore that's revealed during NG+ and it's interesting. Would definitely be interested in a sequel if one were to be developed with a console in mind.
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  15. Yes, staying as one job for all of ARR (and even the expansions) is fine and probably the most seamless way of doing it given the massive amount of XP the MSQ questline gives you.

    Just do the role-specific missions every five levels (I believe that's how they function). You definitely want to do those as they open up, otherwise you end up missing a large portion of your kit for dungeons and trials.
  16. I'm slowly making my way back through IX and Eiko really is that girl isn't she.
  17. Finally, I am so close to getting Ultima Weapon in KH3. Flan in Sanfransokyo was awful though, I am glad my brother helped me, depth perception sucks so bad. I am also 1 meal away from completing the menu, I am praying it will get me the last star otherwise I will need to do some meals again as I can't remember which ones I did excellent - they should have put some notice like an E next to the name or something like that.
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