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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Just a heads up that War of the Visions: FF Brave Exvius is launching WW in two days and you get lots of extras for pre-registering for it. Apparently more than 800,000 users have already registered which sounds pretty massive for a mobile tactics game.

    Here is a pretty recent review of the Japanese version:
  2. Here is the 2nd episode of FF7R video diary:

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  3. So, we now know a name of this handsome fella:

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  4. He


    The good sis should be a new party member.
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  5. I did wonder whether we might get certain characters as temporary members to the party, such as Biggs, Wedge and Jessie or the Turks in later parts. I think it might flip fanboys over the edge though.
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  6. There's the chef's hat stamp next to each recipe you get "excellent" on!
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  7. We really should've, especially for the early missions! Would love to have had Jessie in an early game reactor party.
  8. He


    Random but I hate Jessie's breast plate. It could sill be unpractical looking without being so "armor for women".
  9. It's not exactly the same, but the new Jessie always makes me think of the Suikoden 4 protagonist
  10. Yep, I figured that out myself a few hours ago. Anyway, I got the keyblade, its pretty cool.

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  12. I’ve gone back to Final Fantasy 7 in the hopes of finally completing it.

    I’m at the North Crater now, but definitely am not ready to face any of he monsters or Sephiroth/Jenova. Where is the best place to grind to level up?
  13. Those pot things in the crater are easy leveling
  14. Alright but maybe @ZsDbk88 made some points, I’m finally getting through FFXV and that whole Leviathan section is gag after gag.
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  15. Hahah I am glad some of my points make sense. Leviathan fight was a bit boring gameplaywise but it looks great. I love how ruthless she is, her hte for humans is huge so I find it actually laughable how people worship her. And yeah, the shocking element of that section is also cool, it made me yell "Ardyn you dick!"
  16. I’m about to hit The Bad Chapter but honestly, the design choices are still slaying me in terms of trippy shit. This game does not tell its story well but it is an interesting story. I keep coming back to thinking about Kingdom Hearts which felt all flash no substance and while this has a lot of flash, it feels far more...cared for? Like they really fucking TRIED with it.

    anyways, I’m sure I’ll finish it soon and maybe I’ll go through the DLC episodes. Are they very long?
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  17. I haven't played Ardyn's, but the others can all be finished in 45 minutes to an hour each.
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  18. oh gag maybe I will knock those out. These spells of the Arcana are pretty fun.
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  19. honestly color me surprised when I, a Liker of Things, likes a thing nn
  20. Yeah, I always have a feeling that right after the Leviathan fiasco, SE said "ok guys, we need to wrap this up quickly, hurry as fast as you can!" which is a shame because like you said, they were passionate about it, they tried really hard. I mean, the fact that ch. 14 became something completely different after they had some time to flesh it out shows that.

    I have to say I didn't hate The Bad Chapter as much as I thought I would because I think they wanted to showcase the loneliness, desperation, eerie atmosphere - Noct is alone for the first time and he is taunted by the lunatic. I still think they shouldn't have buffed the ring at that time because the fact that Noct was helpless added even more to the shitty situation, they could have buffed it later and explained he just needed time to accept the ring.

    And yeah, DLCs aren't very long but storywise, Prompto's, Ignis' and Ardyn's stories are interesting and they definitely fill in on some of the gaps. I still really hate the alt. ending option Ignis episode gave though, a whole load of crap that doesn't make any sense, I couldn't believe so many fans gushed about and called it the "true" ending.

    I am interested to see what you will say about the final showdown and the ending, it definitely made me forgive a lot of flaws the game has. The story does have a LOT of heart and if the devs had more time, maybe it would have been told a lot better... That is why I am patiently waiting for FF7R, I don't want them to rush it and mess it up in the process.
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